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Welcome to this edition of Expat News

Country Feature - TURKEY

Each month, in association with Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) 'Know Before You Go', we will provide you with information on a particular country or region. This month we focus on Turkey.

"Turkey has lots to offer those who are looking to move abroad, from the hospitality of the people to the beautiful fine sand beaches. The country also offers an affordable standard of living that's hard to find in any northern European country. We speak to Willy Buttigie MBE, Consul at the British Embassy in the city of Izmir to get his inside knowledge."

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This information has been provided by FCO Travel Advice

Expatriate Healthcare update the news everyday on their website. Here's a round up of the top stories from last month.

Monthly round-up:

Over the last month, there were several stories related to healthy eating. Claims that dieting can prevent a large number of physical diseases, minimise the likelihood of someone suffering from depression, dramatically improve the health outlooks for people with diabetes and alleviate symptoms of sleep apnoea were all made.

Difficulties dropping off could also be due to stress, it was reported, while an expert advised people to consider how to maintain their mental wellbeing over the Christmas period.

Alcohol can also cause individuals to have trouble sleeping properly, but a study indicated moderate consumption of alcoholic drinks could have beneficial effects on the heart.

Those who are considering buying property in foreign countries were advised to do as much research as possible and a professional suggested people thinking of relocating abroad to France should get a French legal advisor to help them.

Brazilian housing is an investment opportunity that seemed to be resilient to the global economic crisis, it was claimed, while an expert noted South African real estate could also make people money.

Spain was said to be a country with a great lifestyle that is suitable for expatriates, while an immigration portal was launched by the European Union, providing tips and help to people who are moving across the continent.

Read on to catch up on other health news from around the world . . .

Exercise 'improves sleep quality'

Expatriate international travel insurance policyholders may wish to engage in regular exercise, especially if they have difficulty going to bed. Fitness expert and entrepreneur Steve Halsall explained working out can assist a person in falling asleep, "both physically and mentally". He claimed it improves mood and can reduce emotional pressures from an individual who is "too focused on not sleeping".

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Tel Aviv 'is a bustling city'

Expatriates may wish to purchase international health insurance and relocate abroad to Tel Aviv. Spokeswoman for the Israel Government Tourist Office Louise Evans explained the destination "enjoys year-round sunshine". Furthermore, it is located on the beach and its architecture is beautiful, she added.

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Vitamin D 'is less beneficial than assumed'

Older expatriates may be taking Vitamin D to avoid having to make a claim on international health insurance policies, but a new study has found it appears to have fewer benefits than people think. The research, which was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and led by physician at Memorial Hospital in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and professor of family medicine and of epidemiology in the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University Charles Eaton, revealed consuming this compound has no impact on the mortality rates of post-menopausal women.

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Personalised medicine 'is advancing'

Expatriates may soon be claiming for personalised medicine on their international private medical insurance, as this field is said to be expanding. President of the Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC) Edward Abrahams argued "advances in science and technology" have resulted in a wider number of tools with which patients can be diagnosed. It "represents the integration of therapeutics and molecular diagnosticcs" and although it utilises genomic information, the sector is not restricted to it exclusively, he declared.

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Smoothies 'are good for youngsters'

Expatriate international health insurance customers may wish to begin making healthy smoothies, as this has been said to be a good method of providing youngsters with adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. Nutritionist Fiona Kirk called this "a great way of getting greens into children's diets". She noted products such as lettuce, water cress, spinach and other vegetables can be put into these drinks, which provide people with additional nutrients.

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Dementia cure 'is a long time away'

Expatriates might not be able to access a cure for dementia, even with international private medical insurance, as an expert has said this breakthrough is unlikely to occur soon. Director of the University of Stirling's Dementia Services Development Centre professor June Andrews said this will not happen in her lifetime. "We are still a very long way from having anything like that," she declared, noting many intelligent individuals are working extremely hard on this subject at the moment.

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Physical activity 'improves older people's balance'

Older expatriates with international life assurance may wish to continue being physically active. Chartered Society of Physiotherapy spokesperson and chartered physiotherapist Sammy Margo claimed this can allow elderly individuals to keep their balance. She suggested remaining mobile indoors, such as by walking around or standing on one leg.

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World AIDS day is December 1st

Expatriates with private international medical insurance may wish to mark World AIDS Day, which takes place on December 1st this year. An AVERT spokeswoman clamed around 34 million people have HIV, but there has been a fall in new infections of 15 per cent since 2001. Furthermore, in the last five years, the number of individuals who have died from this condition or causes related to it has been curtailed by 21 per cent, the representative continued.

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