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Monthly round-up: November 2010

Expatriates around the world have been featured in the news this month for a variety of reasons, ranging from tax and other financial concerns to advice about keeping healthy.

A new report by HSBC International revealed that for many people who relocate abroad, anxiety about settling into a new town and concerns about making friends are among the biggest worries.

However, separate comments from the director of Shelter Offshore urged those considering taking up the expatriate lifestyle to go for it, as those looking to move abroad should not wait until retirement age to live their dream.

Here are some of the stories that have affected expatriates this month:

Expats advised over tax

Expats in Spain can take simple steps to ensure they keep their tax burden as low as possible, it has been claimed. A report from the Daily Telegraph suggests that expats may be able to benefit by opting to make use of a special tax rate dubbed the "Beckham rule" after the famous footballer, who was one of the first people to use it when it was introduced in 2005.

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Sponsors reminded of health insurance requirements

Saudi Arabian sponsors are being reminded of the necessity of having international health insurance measures in place for their expatriate workers. Al-Riyadh newspaper, cited by Arab News, reports many residents are currently unaware of the regulations regarding health insurance that were made compulsory by the ministry of health two years ago.

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Expats anxious about settling in

Settling into a new community overseas is the largest cause of concern for recent expats, according to new research. The report by HSBC International shows that "emotive" concerns such as making new friends far outweigh anxiety about more practical issues such as finding the right property.

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'Tread carefully' when buying property abroad

Expat health insurance policyholders are being urged to "tread carefully" when it comes to purchasing overseas property in Spain. According to Property-Abroad.com, prices of Spanish homes could fall further still, which may drive interest back into the market.

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Expats 'could find better opportunities abroad'

Prospective expats are increasingly considering the opportunities they could have if they move abroad, the director of Shelter Offshore has claimed. Rhiannon Davies pointed out that people of any age could take up the expatriate medical insurance policyholder lifestyle in a different country and would not have to wait until retirement to do so.

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Brazil 'is popular overseas home destination'

International health insurance policyholders thinking of relocating abroad should know that the Brazilian property market is "a step ahead" of other destinations. This is the view of Robin Wilson, head of overseas at Rightmove.co.uk, who commented: "Its size and burgeoning economy do put it a step ahead of the investment pack, but regardless, buyers must go into it with eyes wide open, do their research and treat it as long-term investment."

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Seek treatment quickly for rheumatoid arthritis

Expatriates who are showing early signs of rheumatoid arthritis should seek medical treatment as soon as possible to limit the effects of the condition, Arthritis Research UK has stated. Jane Tadman of the charity commented: "Research has shown that aggressive early treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is the best way of getting it under control before the joints are damaged, so identifying patients early in the course of their disease is therefore essential."

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Expat 'still missing'

An embassy has made an appeal for any help in finding an expatriate mother of two who has been missing from the Philippines since September. The UK's Manila embassy has put an appeal for Carole Day on its website. The expatriate was last seen on September 12th at LRI Design Studio in Makati City and was due to fly to Phuket, Thailand, that day.

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