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Monthly round-up: May 2011

A number of reports in May suggested that interest in overseas property markets is on the rise. Expatriate buyers were shown to be rushing over to Germany, while Turkish property also so an improved level of interest.

Meanwhile, new flight routes were announced between the UK and Spain and expatriate interest in the Costa Blanca was found to be increasing.

In health news, people travelling in luxury were revealed to be less likely to take out health insurance for their trip than those who were heading out with backpacks.

Read on to catch up on other health news from around the world . . .

Unemployment 'is risk factor' for depression

Expatriate health insurance customers who have recently found themselves out of a job might want to discuss their mental health with a doctor they can trust. According to Andy Bell, deputy chief executive of the Centre for Mental Health, there is a particular need for people to be aware of this issue in the wake of the economic recession. "It has many causes and it is very common at any time, whatever the economic situation," he explained.

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Expat buyers rushing to Germany

Overseas property buyers have been rushing to purchase properties in Germany, it has been revealed. According to Savills Research, transaction volumes in the country are on the rise thanks largely to overseas buyers. Indeed, the proportion of overseas purchasers reached more than 60 per cent in the first quarter of the year.

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Mallorca 'most desirable Spanish location'

Expatriates appear to be taking a strong interest in property in Mallorca, it has been suggested. The country's largest English language portal, Kyero.com, reported that the region accounted for 51.1 per cent of enquiries in the first quarter of the year. While the island does have the second highest average asking price in Spain, the "golf courses, infrastructural developments, glorious beaches, year-round lively atmosphere, celebrity residents and world recognised events" could make up for the cost.

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Healthy diet 'can ward off dementia'

Expatriate health insurance customers might be interested to learn that they could lower their risk of developing dementia by following a healthy diet. While there is little evidence for any specific diet, Dr Susanne Sorensen, head of research at the Alzheimer's Society, explained that there is some very strong evidence that a balanced diet and a normal weight during adulthood will lower the chances of developing the condition.

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Spain 'still popular' for overseas retirement

Spain appears to have held on to its appeal for expatriates retiring abroad for another year. According to Taylor Wimpey de Espana, nearly a fifth of the firm's buyers are retirees heading to the country to enjoy the sunshine. They are set to join the 400,000 expatriates who are already living in Spain, according to Findaproperty.com.

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Could coffee consumption alter breast cancer risk?

International medical insurance customers might want to discuss the risks of breast cancer with their doctor. According to recent research, drinking coffee could reduce the likelihood of developing the disease, but there are a number of other factors involved. The study from the Karolinska Institutet found that among age-matched, healthy women, those who drank coffee were less likely to have breast cancer.

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Vitamin D 'reduces asthma risk'

Expatriate health insurance customers might be interested to learn that living in sunnier climates can reduce a child's problems related to asthma. According to a team from Valencia, almost 90 per cent of people's vitamin D requirement is synthesised from the sun. Children with asthma tend to present lower levels of the vitamin. However, the team found that those living in colder, wetter climates are at a greater risk of suffering from asthma than those in sunnier climates due to their restricted hours of sunlight.

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Healthy lifestyle 'prevents cancer'

Overseas health insurance customers should discuss the best ways of lowering their risk of developing breast cancer. According to recent figures published by the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), in the UK alone, around 20,000 of the 47,600 new cases of breast cancer in 2008 could have been prevented through healthier lifestyle choices. Maintaining a healthy weight, lowering alcohol consumption and keeping physically active are the top three ways of reducing the risks.

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Overseas interest in Costa Blanca on the rise

Expatriates appear to be taking an increasing level of interest in the Costa Blanca region of Spain. According to recent data from Kyero.com, the country's largest English language property portal, 33.8 per cent of all property enquiries made in the first half of last year were for property around Alicante. By the second half of the year, this had risen to 34.8 per cent.

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Interest in Turkish property rising

Expatriate health insurance could be required by an increasingly large number of people as figures suggest more foreigners are buying property in Turkey. Suleyman Albay, Oceanwide Properties managing director, told Overseas Property Professional that almost twice as many people have come to inspect properties in the country this year than last. "In recent months the increase in the number of inspection trips, and those walking into our offices seeking properties and advice, has more than doubled," he explained.

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