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Monthly round-up: June 2010

Expatriates from around the world were in the news during the month of June, from the expat who was convicted of murdering his wife in Australia to a survey of overseas employers voting India the worst country in Asia for bureaucratic red tape.

An expat living in Bangkok with his Thai wife took to social networking site Twitter after his son went missing from nursery. The man believed that the micro-blogging website could help spread the word of his child's disappearance as he felt the local police force was being unresponsive to his appeal.

Many travelling experts gave advice to expatriates in June, with holiday websites and bloggers explaining how different cuisine and culture can be among the highlights of relocating abroad.

Here are some of the news stories that have affected expats over the past month:

More medical staff needed in UAE

More healthcare staff are needed in the UAE to deal with an ageing and rapidly expanding population, a report by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi has recommended. The report estimated that the capital would need up to 102 per cent more doctors and 101 per cent more nurses to help care for a population swelled by expatriates and their families, The National reported.

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India 'worst Asian country for red tape'

Expatriates living in India have voted the country as the one with the most inefficient bureaucracy in Asia. In a survey of expat business executives by Political and Economic Risk Consultancy, India was followed by Indonesia and the Philippines in a poll of countries with the most red tape, which acts as a deterrent to foreign investment, the respondents said.

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World's best cities for expats revealed

Australian and New Zealand cities were voted in the top ten of the world's best cities for expatriates. Mercer's 2010 Quality of Living Survey included Auckland and Sydney in its top ten cities for the best standards of living, which includes factors such as access to expatriate healthcare services, housing and recreation.

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Expat convicted over ex-girlfriend murder

An expatriate has been handed a 15-year jail sentence after a court in Dubai found him guilty of murder. Britain-born Mark Arnold was convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend, Kerry Winter, with a baseball bat before dumping her body, either at sea or in the desert.

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Expat uses Twitter to appeal for missing son

An expatriate whose young son is thought to have been kidnapped in Thailand has launched an appeal on social networking site Twitter. Martin Perry and his Thai wife Gritchana have not seen their eight-month-old son Tristan since March 30th, when he vanished from his Bangkok nursery, the Telegraph reported.

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British supermarkets deliver overseas

Expatriates are behind a recent boom in cross-Channel food deliveries brought on by the weakness of the pound. Hundreds of British expats living in France are increasingly turning to the internet to order their grocery shopping, including French specialities such as wine and croissants, from UK-based supermarkets, the Guardian reports.

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Taxi driver picks up expatriate passengers' languages

A taxi driver in Singapore has expounded on the benefits of learning his expatriate passengers' languages. Speaking to Sheela Narayanan of Asia One, Tay Boon Tee told how he began picking up words and phrases when he started driving a taxi ten years ago, finding it the best way to break the ice with his fares.

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Travellers 'want more from holiday'

Expatriates looking to go on holiday this summer are more likely to want better value for their money and more authentic experiences on their travels, according to an industry expert. Alexander Lyons, PR executive for responsibletravel.com, said: "In the wake of a global economic crisis, travellers are seeking more from their holidays, more authentic, richer, deeper experiences, and they're getting those from more responsible holidays."

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Filipino expats 'exploited by agencies'

Thousands of Filipino expatriate workers are being exploited by recruitment agencies in the UAE, a report by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) has found. Most of the 200,000 Filipino employees who relocate to the Emirates each year are managed by private recruitment agencies in the UAE and Philippines but some companies employ unscrupulous practices, it was revealed.

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Thousands of expats 'have no health insurance'

Three in four Indian, Asian and Arab expatriates living in Dubai possess no expat health insurance, according to the first Dubai Household Health survey. The research, carried out by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) in partnership with the Dubai Statistics Centre, surveyed more than 5,000 people in the emirate and found just 23 per cent of the bottom fifth of wage earners had adequate expat medical insurance.

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