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Welcome to this edition of Expat News

Country Feature - CYPRUS

Each month we will provide you with information on a particular country or region. This month we focus on Cyprus.

"The island is a stunning location with picturesque beaches, sapphire water and historic ruins dating back thousands of years. Indeed, due to the mesmerising beauty of the area, ancient Greeks believed that the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, was born on the seashore at Paphos . . ."

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Expatriate Healthcare update the news everyday on their website. Here's a round up of the top stories from last month.

Monthly round-up:

This month, there have been several stories about infectious diseases in developing countries. Researchers made groundbreaking steps in discovering a treatment for the West Nile virus, managed to prevent mosquitoes from carrying malaria and found the AIDS epidemic in Swaziland is starting to stabilise.

Scientists also predicted that an AIDS-free generation could be a possibility in the near future and discovered why the human immune system cannot combat HIV.

Drive-flu influenza vaccination programmes were found to be a good way to administer inoculation programmes, while a shot was found that could reduce the likelihood of people becoming obese.

HPV vaccinations were found to be a safe and effective way to immunise the populace, while it was found they do not cause other strains of the virus to compete for dominance, which helps to minimise the risk of women developing cervical cancer - a condition research showed is more likely to be discovered in its late stages among uninsured people than in the general populace.

Expatriates were therefore reminded of the importance of health insurance, with UK government data revealing ten British people are injured abroad every day.

Lisbon's architecture was praised, a specialist recommended that people explore the Amazon and a travel writer suggested people experience the culture of South America.

Read on to catch up on other health news from around the world . . .

Could new vaccine help tackle obesity?

A new vaccine that could help tackle high obesity rates may be available in the future if new studies prove effective. Research conducted by Braasch Biotech found two somatostatin jabs, known as JH17 and JH18, have proven successful at reducing weight gain and increasing weight loss in mice. Somatostatin is a peptide hormone that inhibits the action of several growth hormones that increase metabolism and therefore result in weight loss.

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Scientists develop autism test for one-year-olds

Expatriates may soon be able to find out if their child is at risk of autism, after international healthcare specialist developed a questionnaire that could indicate if a one-year-old is likely to develop the disorder. Investigations at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine found 31 per cent of the people they identified as having a notable chance of developing autism spectrum disorders (ASD) when they were 12 months old had a confirmed diagnosis by the time they reached the age of three.

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Parkinson's 'could be identifiable earlier than thought'

Parkinson's disease (PD) could commence with a number of non-motor symptoms that occur several years before diagnosis, a growing body of research indicates. A report, outlined in the Journal of Parkinson's Disease, found people suffering from the ailment report declines in their emotional, mental and physical health several years before PD makes an appearance and with these losses continuing as the disease takes hold. If this is proven to be correct, it could eventually enable people to receive diagnostic tests through expatriate medical insurance policies that could identify them as at-risk of suffering from PD, enabling them to receive preventative care and prepare themselves for the condition in the future.

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Maintain mental health 'by monitoring stress'

Expatriates could curtail their likelihood of requiring mental health treatment through international health insurance policies by monitoring their stress levels. Phillip Hodson, fellow of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, explained some of the symptoms of this damaging emotion can be anxieties, sweating, changes to eating patterns, difficulty sleeping and emotional disturbances.

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Specialist currency providers 'vital' when relocating abroad

People relocating abroad could save thousands of pounds by finding specialist currency providers. BuyAssociation editor Paul Collins suggested that expatriates buying property in foreign countries look into these services. The cost of purchasing real estate can be significantly affected by currency fluctuations, he argued.

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Phthalates 'may increase diabetes risk'

Women might wish to be cautious in their use of personal care products, as a study has shown these could increase their risk of having to fund diabetes treatment through expatriate medical insurance policies. The investigation, which was led by scientists at Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH), revealed a correlation between the concentration of phthalates in a female's body and their likelihood of becoming diabetic.

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Varicose veins 'a common complaint'

Expatriate medical insurance policyholders ought to keep an eye out for varicose veins. Consultant vascular surgeon and www[dot]radiancehealth[dot]co[dot]uk founder Eddie Chaloner explained symptoms of this condition can range from "cosmetic dissatisfaction" seen in mild cases of the ailment, to swelling, soreness and aching of the leg and even to "skin damage at the ankle and eventual venous ulceration".

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Antidepressant 'could combat meningitis'

A drug already available throughout the world with expatriate medical insurance policies could potentially fight fungal meningitis, a study has indicated. Research led by Texas A&M University biologists found antidepressant medication sertraline hydrochloride - which is trademarked as Lustral or Zoloft - could have the ability to inhibit these potentially fatal infections.

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Drive-through flu vaccines 'safe'

Drive-through vaccination clinics appear to improve the safety of individuals and communities, research has shown. A study, which was published in the Journal of Emergency Management and is titled Drive-thru influenza immunization: Fifteen years of experience, involved a review of flu inoculations that have taken place since the programme started. While vaccinations have been shown to have many benefits for international healthcare, some critics have claimed drive-through clinics could result in patients fainting and having car accidents.

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Now is a 'good time' for Italian property purchases

Expatriates considering relocating abroad to Italy may be able to find good real estate deals in the country. According to BuyAssociation.com editor Paul Collins, there are "bargains" to be found in the nation. Furthermore, some parts of the market will have "motivated sellers", the expert added.

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