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Welcome to this edition of Expat News

Country Feature - FLORIDA

Each month, in association with Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) 'Know Before You Go', we will provide you with information on a particular country or region. This month we focus on Florida

"Think of Florida and many people immediately think of Orlando and the theme parks or Kennedy Space Centre. But there's much more to the Sunshine State and it seems the 400,000 Brits residing there would agree . . ."

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This information has been provided by FCO Travel Advice

Expatriate Healthcare update the news everyday on their website. Here's a round up of the top stories from last month . . .

Monthly round-up: July 2011

In July, there were several stories providing information for property investors. Land in Germany - particularly the cities of Chemnitz, Leipzig and Bremerhaven - was promoted, as well as in Dubai and France.

Real estate purchases in other European destinations - including Portugal, Italy, Spain and Greece - should be put off until their markets fall further, a report said.

International cuisine enthusiasts may also be interested in reports dealing with weight loss and diet, such as advice that evening meals should be consumed earlier in the day, a link between bowel cancer and red meal and alcohol and news that public health could benefit from the addition of calorie counts on restaurant menus.

The issue of pregnancy was also in the news, with an expert stating that pregnant females with cravings for non-food items could require a trip to a healthcare professional. Furthermore, women wishing to conceive might wish to ensure their oral hygiene is good, as this has been found to heighten their likelihood of success.

Read on to catch up on other health news from around the world . . .

Diet 'can help to prevent dementia'

Expatriate health insurance customers may wish to eat a healthy Mediterranean diet, after an expert claimed this can reduce the chances of a person developing dementia. As foods from this region contain a high number of antioxidants, it is believed they can assist people in maintaining their cognitive abilities in later life, noted Hannah Clack, media manager at the Alzheimer's Society. Researchers hope to utilise antioxidants to fight the progression of Alzheimer's, with the University of Dundee using sulforaphane, a chemical located in rocket and broccoli, to examine how the body's defences can be stimulated.

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People seeking foreign employment 'should prepare'

Expatriates with international medical insurance who wish to find employment abroad should ensure that they are prepared. This is according to Atiyah Wazir-Meadows, online editor for graduate career guide Eurograduate, who noted that foreign cultures may have different expectations for documents such as CVs and cover letters, which individuals should research before moving. For example, in Germany a photograph is essential for every job application, whereas working hours may be different in other countries, she declared

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'No real health benefits' to 8 daily glasses of water

Expatriate international health insurance customers may be some of the people who believe that it is essential for good health to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. However, GP Margaret McCartney commented during a podcast with Duncan Jarvis of the British Medical Journal that this "has been thoroughly debunked at least twice" by the peer review process. "There has never been any evidence" that people should consume more water than they would like but "it just seems to be perpetually repeated", she continued.

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'Visit Lithuania for Tall Ships Regatta'

Expatriates with overseas medical insurance may wish to visit Lithuania, as Klaipeda will be hosting the Tall Ships Regatta. This is the second time in three years that the city has been chosen for the event, whereas other locations have been "waiting for decades", according to Augusta Jaudegyte, UK director for the Lithuanian National Tourism Office. She explained that there are no other opportunities to see such a large quantity of vessels and boats with historic interest at the same time.

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Debt 'can cause chronic stress'

Expats with international healthcare insurance policies who have been suffering from stress may find debt problems are contributing to their condition. Therapist Dan Roberts explained financial pressures that become unsustainable can place a burden on people and be "really damaging". He explained mortgages and minor overdrafts are not really an issue, but escalating credit card debt "puts a great deal of pressure" on individuals.

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Creative play 'improves children's intelligence'

Parents with expat health insurance may want to follow the advice of one psychologist and allow their children to take part in creative play in order to ensure their kids become academically strong. According to Dr Janine Spencer, offspring who are encouraged to do activities such as finger painting or playing in a sandpit are more likely to grow up with strong problem-solving skills. "Without messy, creative play, children don't develop in the same way that children that do these activities do," Dr Spencer said, adding one of the best times for kids to enjoy this is while they are in the bath.

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Nature lovers 'should go to Australia'

Expatriates with international health insurance may wish to move to Australia, which was described as "a nature lover's dream" by one writer. Brooke Schoenman, who produces articles for WhyGo Australia, said the Great Barrier Reef, which is so sizable it can be seen from space, is "great for snorkelling or diving". The "lush green jungles, Mars-like red outback" and pristine beaches are some of the "scenic outdoor locations" that can be seen in the country, she continued.

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Study highlights link between obesity, smoking and dying

Expatriate smokers seeking international health insurance may find reasons to quit from the results of a recent study. The research found that the lowest mortality rates in the populace are seen in women who are not obese and do not smoke, Laurence Gruer, director of public health science at NHS Health Scotland, said in a podcast from the British Medical Journal. A 28-year cohort study, titled Cause specific mortality, social position and obesity among women who never smoked, found that economic class did not appear to be a significant factor.

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Munich celebrates King Ludwig II's anniversary

Expatriates with international healthcare insurance may wish to visit the city of Munich, as it is celebrating King Ludwig II's 125th anniversary. Describing him as "the fairytale king", spokeswoman for the Bavarian State Opera Anna Kleeblatt explained that a number of different occasions will take place to commemorate him. Such events may result in an increase in tourists, especially as figures recently released by STR Global revealed positive results across Europe for the hotel industry.

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