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Monthly round-up: July2010

July was a busy month for the world's expatriate community, as many prepared to take advantage of the summer months to plan trips or seek out some of their adopted country's cultural offerings.

One activities website advised prospective expatriates to take up another hobby alongside their foreign language lessons in order to better engage with the new culture, while an insurance firm sought to assuage fears that previous medical problems will not automatically prevent expats from taking trips.

Similarly, a survey in July revealed that half a million travellers went on holiday in the last year without declaring any health problems, which could have potentially invalidated their expatriate medical insurance.

Here are some of the news stories that have affected expats over the past month:

Expatriate Insurance News: Expats arrested on drug charges

Two expatriates working in Kuwait City have been arrested for selling drugs used to treat impotency. The Egyptian pair were found with nearly 8,000 pills of a drug called Strawberry after selling it in Farwaniya and Hawalli zones, the Arab Times reported.

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Expatriate Healthcare News: Expat hunted over Thai murder

Police in Thailand have sparked a manhunt for an expatriate suspect after the body of a local bar hostess was discovered in a suitcase. Mother-of-two Wanphen Pienjai, a 33-year-old bar worker, went missing on June 18th after she was seen leaving her workplace, the Sweetheart Bar in Phuket, with a white bearded man, the Telegraph reported.

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Expatriate Healthcare News: Expat 'flies to Britain to kill housewife'

An expatriate flew home from Thailand specifically to kill his associate's ex-wife for money, a court has heard. Paul Cryne stands accused of murdering housewife Sharon Birchwood on behalf of Graham Birchwood, her former husband.

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Expatriate Healthcare News: Expat dies after freak accident

An expatriate died after a freak accident caused her to bleed to death. Sally Feeley, who had moved from Birmingham to Spain's Costa del Sol six years before her death last October, was out with friends in a bar when she tripped over her handbag and smashed a glass.

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Expatriate Insurance News: Expat radio shut down

An English-language radio station broadcasting for the benefit of Spain's expatriate community has been shut down. SunTalk, the radio station affiliated with the British tabloid, launched in April 2009 but has been closed as part of parent company News International's recent business review.

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Expatriate Healthcare News: Medical conditions 'shouldn't prevent travel'

Expatriate medical insurance policyholders should not baulk at travelling further afield simply because they have had health problems in the past, an industry expert has advised. Emma Holyer, spokesperson for LV= Insurance, said getting expat health insurance cover depends on individual circumstances, but prospective expatriates should not be put off going abroad because they have had treatment for various conditions in the past.

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Expatriate Healthcare News: Kuwait considers tax on expats

The Kuwaiti government is considering levying taxes on high-income expatriate employees, while middle and lower-income workers are exempt, according to reports. Arab News, quoting Al-Arrouiah Daily, reported that the administration has amended the Tax Law in a bid to impose taxes on the highest earning expats and Kuwaiti nationals.

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Expat Health Insurance News: 'Combine language classes with activities'

Expatriates wanting to learn the language of their adopted country should take up another activity alongside their classes in order to engage better with the culture, a learning holiday website has suggested. Vanessa Lenssen, chief executive of GoLearnTo.com, said the website has seen an increase in bookings for courses that combine "Spanish and surfing, French and cooking, Italian and pizza-making".

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Expatriate Healthcare News: When is partial nudity acceptable?

Expatriates and other British holidaymakers are less prudish about nudity on holiday than previously thought, a study has revealed. The survey by flight comparison website Skyscanner found that, perhaps unsurprisingly, 96 per cent of males are happy for females to go topless when on the beach, compared to 87 per cent of women.

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