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Welcome to this edition of Expat News

Country Feature - BRAZIL

Each month, in association with Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) 'Know Before You Go', we will provide you with information on a particular country or region. This month we focus on Brazil

"Colourful, vibrant and diverse, Brazil is making its mark as an up and coming destination for people looking to move abroad. We speak to Steve Giannandrea, Vice Consul for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office to get his inside tips..."

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This information has been provided by FCO Travel Advice

Expatriate Healthcare update the news everyday on their website. Here's a round up of the top stories from last month . . .

Monthly round-up:

In August, there were several stories relating to children's diets. These included advice to parents to tell their offspring that eating greens makes them attractive, a variety of methods to put vegetables in meals and recommendations for young people to avoid sweets.

Overseas property investment was also promoted, particularly in the African archipelago of Cape Verde, where opportunities to make money from the rental market and a burgeoning supply of distressed assets was discussed.

Ramadan took place over August, so advice to expatriates on how to observe customs during this holy period was also in the news.

Partygoers across the world might wish to ensure their habits are not increasing their risk of cancer, following reports that unhealthy lifestyles, poor diets and a lack of understanding of its risk factors are causing people to develop this potentially fatal disease.

And news regarding dementia was also detailed, following research that moderate exercise can reduce the likelihood of a person suffering from this ailment in old age and that painkillers have demonstrated some effectiveness in reducing the anxiety experienced by people with the illness.

Read on to catch up on other health news from around the world . . .

Athletes 'should take supplements'

Athletic expatriate international healthcare insurance customers may wish to take supplements to avoid a deficiency of essential minerals. Matt Lovell, sports nutritionist and founder of Sportsnutritionvlog.com, claimed 100 per cent of all the sportsmen he tests have too little magnesium and 80 per cent suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Supplements can help to counteract this, although they ought to be "tailored to the individual and their sporting requirements", he said.

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Dogs 'can keep children healthy'

Expatriate international health insurance customers may wish to make sure their children exercise regularly and might buy a dog to assist in this. "Families that have dogs are much fitter than those that don't", secretary of the Kennel Club Caroline Kisko declared. Quite often, these households will go out together during the weekend to walk their pets due to time constraints during the weekdays, she noted.

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Eye tests 'can discover diseases'

Expatriate healthcare insurance policyholders might want to have regular eye tests as they can discover any problems relating to vision as quickly as possible. This is the case with "most eyesight or medical conditions", dispensing optician and founder of specialist optical growth firm Independent Practice Growth UK Richard Pakey noted. He pointed out that "the earlier the condition is detected, the more treatment options you have".

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Investment opportunities in European property

Prospective expatriates have plenty of choice on offer when it comes to investing in property markets in Europe, a foreign home website had stated. Property-Abroad.com director Les Calvert commented that while there is "lots of investment potential" in European countries, "it is the hand cherry-picking them that is difficult in pinpoint". He also mentioned that markets for expatriate housing outside Europe are looking positive, with Brazil doing particularly well.

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Israel has adventure and variety

Expatriates with overseas health insurance may wish to relocate to Israel, as it has been described as a "land of adventure". Melissa Ramsden, PR manager for the Israel Government Tourist Office, said the "incredible diversity in its landscape, culture and peoples" is remarkable for such a small nation. Historical artefacts are commonplace, including "the oldest copper mine in the world", Timna Park, which was used by the ancient Egyptians, she declared.

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First 1,000 days 'most important of life'

Expatriate international medical insurance customers may wish to make sure the first 1,000 days after a newborn arrives provide them with a good start to the rest of their life. "Everything is pretty much done" regarding the significant aspects of a person's development, aside from "some growth of the brain", professor David Barker from the University of Southampton said. As "the body is almost complete", it is important that an infant is healthy throughout this period, he explained.

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Sunscreen 'should be SPF 30'

Expatriate international medical insurance customers may wish to purchase sunscreens with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30. Bevis Man of the British Skin Foundation said people quite often fail to apply this product thickly or liberally enough to accurately reflect how it was tested, so this high SPF is required. Furthermore, sun lotion has a UVA rating on the back of the bottle to reflect its efficacy of absorbing ultra violet light.

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All diets 'must be balanced'

Expatriate international healthcare insurance policyholders planning to lose weight might wish to ensure any diet they commence is balanced. Journalist, nutritionist and author Dr Carina Norris said this is "essential", even for people trying to minimise their calorie intake. Healthy eating will always need "moderate amounts of the good unsaturated fats" that can be found in foods such as fish and olive oil, she continued.

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'Invest in overseas property' due to low prices

Expatriate international health insurance policyholders should take this opportunity to invest in real estate overseas, as house prices have fallen in many nations. Since the end of 2010, a "remarkable transformation" has occurred in this sector, with demand increasing and confidence returning, European sales director for Atlas International James Dearsley said. Purchasing a building in Spain, for example, is "an investment that you can enjoy in 320 days of sunshine", he declared.

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