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November Edition

The monthly magazine for people living and working overseas

This month has seen news articles about the best places to be an expatriate, whether it be due to the overall experience or the pension benefits of living in such a place.

There has also been emphasis on networking and how this can be achieved both in person at special events and by joining online communities.

We saw insights into where the super rich are buying second homes, while those with a bit less cash to splash around turn to the internet to furnish properties abroad.

In a slight twist to our ever-popular expat how-to guides, we have started to focus on specific countries in turn, so that we can give you more of the specific information needed to carry out vital tasks when moving to a new country. These have started with two guides to aspects of life in Germany.

Read on to discover the top expat stories this month...

Millions of pounds going unclaimed in higher-rate tax relief

As the countdown to the tax return deadline marches on, pension providers are warning high-earning expatriates that they could be missing out by not claiming higher-rate tax relief. Millions of pounds is going unclaimed, because these overseas workers do not realise they need to fill out tax returns, iExpats reports.

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Guide to opening a bank account in Germany

Relocating to a new country involves lots of planning, organisation and understanding the different way that things work. One of the first jobs is often to open a bank account, which can be confusing in itself. Below you will find all the information you will need to navigate this process in Germany.

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Canada is the destination for the happiest expats

Nine in ten of the Brits that move to Canada are happy with their lives, according to a new study. The findings from are in contrast with those who chose China, where just 44 per cent of expatriates lead contented lives.

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Thailand tops list for expat experience

Thailand has been voted the top destination for overall expatriate experience in a new study that highlights the lure of Asia at present. The Southeast Asian country was found to be particularly accommodating of foreigners trying to set up a new life, integrate with the community and forge lasting friendships.

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Biggest expat network hits 1m members

Expatriate Health Insurance News: Joining an online expatriate community is a great way to get questions answered and settle into a new country feeling supported and it seems that one million people would agree. That is the number of members that InterNations has accrued, and the network is throwing a series of parties to celebrate the fact.

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The super-rich still favour the Cote D'Azur

The Cote D'Azur is still the favourite destination of the most wealthy expatriates looking to buy second homes, according to a new study. In the Candy GPS report, it was revealed that the French Riviera location is favoured by the super-rich, with St Barts, St Moritz, Monaco and Costa Smeralda in Sardinia completing the top five.

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Guide to applying for a job in Germany

Some people may already have a job secured before moving to Germany, while others will be seeking employment. If the latter is the case then it is important to know the right ways to navigate the bureaucracy behind applying for that perfect position.

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Expats turn to the internet to furnish homes abroad

Deciding what to take with you when relocating to another country can be tough, but as a general rule it is best to pack light and put the majority of items into storage for when you return. This then leaves the issue of furnishing a house or apartment in a new country, which can be an expensive business. Many expatriates turn to second hand items, especially if they only intend to live abroad for a few years.

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British expats network during polo events

British expatriates all over the world are now using polo matches to establish important business connections and further working relationships. This is in part due to a specific event entitled British Polo Day, which has been set up with this outcome in mind, reports the Telegraph.

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Belgium radio station developing following among expats

Webcaster Radio X, which began broadcasting in September 2012, is developing a strong listener base among the expatriate community in Belgium. The station is the only commercial English language offering in the country and estimates it has the potential to attract an audience in excess of 260,000 people, reports Radio World.

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