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May Edition

The monthly magazine for people living and working overseas

This month we have been asked by an ITV production company to help find suitable expats for a new TV programme. Full details below.

As always, China featured in several expatriate news stories this month due to its status as a hotspot for foreign workers. This time it is the trend for expats looking to move away from Shanghai and Beijing to second tier cities that we covered.

Also in the news was coverage of the kind deeds carried out by New York taxi drivers, as well as how items from our native countries can help to stop us from feeling homesick.

Meanwhile, finances and the situation in Cyprus were closely monitored as expats continued to worry about how the global crisis will affect them.

There were a number of humorous stories too, such as the expat with a terrible singing voice wowing the public in China and Sir Richard Branson encouraging us all to flirt on-board aeroplanes.

Throughout the month we have also continued our series of guides to help navigate new expats through the process of moving abroad. We hope that these comprehensive aids have proved useful.

ITV seeks expats for moving abroad special

Producers at ITV are looking for expatriates moving abroad or returning to the UK to feature in a programme that is being made. They are also looking to include close family and friends intending to say goodbye at an international airport or welcome expats back into the country. This focus is designed to explore the way in which people share momentous milestones in each others' lives and the impact of being reunited. Click full story for contact information.

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New website to aid confused expats in Spain

For a while expatriates in Spain have been confused about what they need to do in order to get treatment if they fall ill. Some have believed that the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will be enough, while this only really covers a short stay in the country.

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Flashmob recreates famous painting in shopping centre

Expatriates going about their shopping in Amsterdam were given a shock recently when an alarm sounded and one of the characters from Rembrandt's The Night Watch suddenly appeared. Over the next few minutes a scene unfolded with people dressed in the costumes from the master's great work all making their way across the precinct.

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Expat wows China with lousy singing voice

A British expatriate living in China has shot to fame in the country for singing Communist songs, despite admitting to having a lousy voice. Iain Inglis from Wales auditioned for the TV show China's Got Talent thinking that he would not get anywhere, but is now a household name in the Asian state.

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New online test to help British expats gauge tax status

H M Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is in the process of rolling out a new online statutory residence test, which will allow expatriates to establish whether they owe any tax in the UK. It coincides with a new set of regulations that use residency as the basis for taxation, with a formula taking various factors into account, reports 7 Days.

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New York's taxi drivers go the extra mile

Expatriates arriving in New York for the first time can be overwhelmed by the scale of the city and the amount going on around them, but turning to a local cabby to get a sense for the place is not a bad idea. After all, the people who drive the streets of the Big Apple know it inside out and can help those new to town find the best places that elude tourists.

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Kiwi expats treated to Little Piece of Home

More than 700 expatriates from New Zealand living in Western Australia were given reminders of home in a recent event organised by their national airline. Air New Zealand took over Rooftop Movies in Perth in order to hold the 'A Little Piece of Home' weekend over the course of April 13th to 14th.

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Seven historic sites in Europe to be saved

Expatriates often find amazing places while exploring their adopted country that are sadly rundown and on the verge of collapse. Now there is hope for such sad scenes as the heritage body Europa Nostra is to save seven historic sites in Europe as part of its 50th anniversary celebrations.

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Expats worry as Cyprus' banking crisis deepens

Expatriates living in Cyprus are left wondering what the future holds for their savings as the banking crisis on the island continues to worsen. It is yet unknown how much of the deposits they hold within Cyprus' banks will be taken despite reassurances from these institutions.

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Is onboard flirting a good idea?

Expatriates often have to spend plenty of time flying between destinations, whether it is back home or to other parts of their adopted country. With this in mind they are perfectly placed to judge whether the latest addition to the onboard entertainment system on Virgin America flights is a good idea.

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Guide to purchasing property overseas

Buying a property in the UK can be difficult enough, but navigating the process in a foreign country and potentially unknown language can complicate the matter further. Despite this it is often necessary for expatriates to make a purchase so that they are properly established in a country with a home of their own and some cases, business premises.

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