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June Edition

The monthly magazine for people living and working overseas

This month we saw a number of stories about the up-and-coming destinations that are proving popular with expatriates moving away from the more traditional choices, including Costa Rica and Hong Kong.

Special attention was also given to the importance of securing health insurance before relocating to another part of the world.

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) has been a source of interest since it made the decision to do away with its Locate programme after a smaller than expected uptake of the scheme.

It also released details of some of the most bizarre requests aimed at consulates around the world in a bid to highlight how such enquiries waste the valuable time of staff when they could be dealing with more serious situations.

Meanwhile the bizarre tastes of expats were revealed as a scrum ensued among Irish expats in Australia after it was announced that 24 bars of cheese and onion flavoured chocolate were up for grabs in the country.

We end with two more "how-to guides" designed to help all those people thinking of making the move organise the most important aspects of the process.

FCO reveals the year's strangest consular requests

Many expatriates feel secure knowing that the local consulate is there to help if they need emergency assistance while they are living abroad. The difference between what comes within its jurisdiction and what should be dealt with in another way is not one that is clear to everyone.

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Non-EU expats could get longer visas for France

Officials in France are contemplating changing the visa system for expatriates in the country who have come from outside the European Union. At present, the maximum long-stay visa available in France is for three years, but most expats from the US, Canada, Australia and India have to get their one-year visas renewed annually.

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Expats in UAE spending 30% of income on school fees

Expatriates living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are spending as much as 30 per cent of their income on the fees to send their children to school. That is the finding of the Education UAE Survey conducted between March and April this year by, reports Xpress.

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Expats in Dubai lose taxi sex appeal

Two expatriates in Dubai have lost their appeal against allegations they had sex in the back of a taxi cab in the emirate. Rebecca Blake, a British recruitment executive, and Irishman Connor McRedmond have had their two-month jail terms and 2,000 dirham (£355) fine upheld by the Cassation Court, reports The National.

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FCO scraps Locate system

Britain's Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) has made the decision to scrap its Locate system, designed to help expatriates if they are in a crisis abroad, because take-up has been low. The database allowed expats to register and leave their details including next of kin information that could be used in an emergency.

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Guide to finding a job abroad

Making the decision to move abroad can be based on a job offer, the chance to further your career or a simple desire to experience a different culture for longer than just a holiday. Those relocating for business will often find that the company they work with will help with the logistics of the move, but for those going solo it can seem like a daunting process. Breaking the search for a job abroad down into smaller more manageable tasks will make it easier and allow you to focus on one aspect at a time. Follow these simple steps and you will be putting yourself in the best possible position to move to the sunshine and enjoy a new way of life.

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Even the richest expats require health insurance

Retiring abroad has become hugely popular for many people, especially those living in Britain, but the need for health insurance is now an increasingly important consideration. France is a very favourable choice for many expats, but ever since 2007 the topic of healthcare has become much more widely discussed.

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Costa Rica becoming the latest expat haven

Costa Rica is beginning to build a solid reputation for itself as one of the latest places to appeal to expatriates. The country's capital city, San Jose, which is surrounded by mountains on a high plateau known as Central Valley, has long been a popular location for expats looking for somewhere with a bit of adventure.

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Visas extended for finishing students in Australia

Expatriates studying in Australia can now stay for longer after finishing their studies under new rules applied to the visa process. Despite the country clamping down on the length of stay for other foreigners, authorities are keen to keep top talent in the country.

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Cheese and onion chocolate is the taste of Ireland

Any Irish expatriate will tell you that a packet of Tayto crisps instantly transports them back to their homeland and now the flavour has been immortalised in a chocolate bar. The limited edition cheese and onion Tayto chocolate bars have sold out in Ireland, but there is still a chance for expats living in Australia to get their hands on one.

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