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July Edition

The monthly magazine for people living and working overseas

Welcome to new monthly magazine for people living and working overseas In this edition we outline some of the Expat issues and news . Read on to discover the top most popular posts on our blog from last month.

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Travelling for adventure, not danger: risky places for expats to work

Expatriate medical insurance is vital, whether gained privately or by the employer. Anyone can get ill or be in an accident. It is better to be covered especially when moving to a country completely different to which where you are coming from. Yet there are several places that are dangerous places to work where expats can go.

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Japan is vying for skilled expats and its healthcare system is alluring

It's good news for expats who are wanting to move to Asia for work. Japan is planning to lure more expats to combat its aging community and shrinking birth rate. The Japanese government is planning to reveal the full extent of the plan later in the year, but are looking for skilled foreigners particularly in the construction field. The plan for economic stimulation may be in part for the preparation of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

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Global expat insurance to soar with rising number of expats

According to the market research company, Finaccord, the number of expatriates worldwide is an estimated 50.5 million and the number is expected to drastically rise. It is anticipated that by the year 2017 there will be around 56.8 million expats in the world. This is turn makes the importance of international travel health insurance crucial.

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Reverse culture shock: is repatriation more difficult than expatriation?

The time is drawing close for students studying or working abroad to move back home. As the season of summer begins, students who have spent three years studying abroad suddenly find themselves packing to mark the end of university. Internships are drawing to an end and people may be asking themselves whether they are ready to go home.

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Passive war zone coverage is becoming a reality for expats seeking medical insurance

It is always difficult to determine the level of expat health insurance coverage you will need as part of your residence in a new country. It is hard to know what is too much and too little in circumstances that are unknown and unpredictable. For those moving abroad on a fixed work contract, there is little need to worry as much of their medical insurance is usually covered by the employer, who, as a native of the country in question, will know what the local medical costs and medical risks are. Therefore, adequate expatriate health insurance is automatically provided.

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Expat graduate teaching English abroad: what to keep in mind

There are masses of courses available to people of all ages to teach English as a foreign language abroad. It's popular for a reason, especially for graduates. It gives you the chance to live and experience other cultures and at the same time earning and saving money, which is especially alluring to a graduate. Moreover, there is a great demand for native English speakers to teach the language in public schools to universities.

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The World Cup War - England v Costa Rica

The England v Costa Rica game was a dead rubber in the end, but before the game we decided to try and predict the score by matching the two countries on a number of different factors. We looked at comparisons such as Food and Drink, Transport costs, the average drink costs, a meal at McDonalds as well as transport and utilities.

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Better housing benefits for expats moving to the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is an exciting place to move to. It offers people a high quality of life and is always booming. Although the laws and customs are rather strict and can take some time getting used to, it is a nation that is widely made up by expatriates. English is commonly spoken and job opportunities are abundant. In fact, expats make up around 90% of the UAE population and are employed on all levels of work. However, it is a country where the cost of living can be quite expensive.

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