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July Edition

The monthly magazine for people living and working overseas

Recent expat news stories held a spotlight to everything from up-and-coming expatriate destinations to exploding insect repellent.

Special attention was also given to the importance of securing health insurance before relocating to another part of the world.

Our how-to guides looked at two of the most important things to expat families: the package they can expect and bringing new life into the world.

Another big change for manyBritish expats from 2015 is likely to be the introduction of a temperature test to see who is eligible for the winter fuel allowance.

These plans by the government came under scrutiny at the end of the month as we explored what this would mean and the response from expats themselves.

Expat savings rates fall again

Savings rates for expatriates have fallen once again after the Bank of England announced it was keeping its base rate at 0.5 per cent for the 39th time in a row. Deciding where to keep cash is a difficult decision for many expats, with few choices to choose from and the number of accounts dwindling further.

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Guide to understanding your expat package

Moving to another country with work can be totally overwhelming and there are myriad things to consider. One of these will be the expatriate package you receive from your company. This is a standard course of action taken by most organisations when they send someone to carry out a role abroad. The idea is to ensure that the employee is no worse off as a result of their move. This means that they should have the same spending power in their new country and the capacity to save as much money as they did at home.

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Ecuador's Cuenca could become next expat hotspot

More and more people looking to retire abroad are heading to South America as traditional destinations such as France and Spain become less appealing. These former expatriate meccas no longer offer the same tempting tax policies and exchange rates, forcing retirees to look elsewhere.

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Exploding insect repellent leaves man in hospital

A British expatriate living in Spain had a second shock after seeing a cockroach in his apartment when the can of insect repellent he was holding exploded. The 47-year-old has not been named, but is being treated for several broken bones as well as other serious injuries after the incident on Tuesday night.

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Expat hospital segregation begins in Kuwait

The first hospital in Kuwait to enforce the new policy on only treating expatriates in the afternoon began the system on Sunday. Jahra Hospital, to the west of Kuwait City, will carry out a six-month trial to see how the system works after it was voted into effect by MPs earlier this year.

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Guide to having a baby abroad

Life doesn't stop just because you have decided to become an expatriate and that can often extend to creating new life. Expanding the expat family can be an incredibly exciting time and offer an extra insight into a culture. That said, it is a good idea to research how the experience of giving birth in your adopted home may differ from the norm in your native country. Even if this is your second, third or fourth child, being prepared is the key.

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Female UAE expats restricted from travelling to Oman

Women living as expatriates in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are facing restrictions on travel to Oman after new rules were introduced last month. Authorities changed the requirements without drawing attention to their actions, leaving female expats in a difficult situation, reports Arabian Business.

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Temperature test for expats' winter fuel allowance

A temperature test is to be brought into use in order to establish whether or not expatriates should qualify for the winter fuel allowance. The plan has been unveiled by the chancellor George Osborne as a way to justify welfare cuts that are affecting those of a working age.

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Other emirates look to compete with Dubai

Expatriate investors and those looking to carry out a professional career overseas are increasingly heading to Qatar and Ras al Khaimah as opposed to the traditional favourite, Dubai. Foreign purchasers have been able to buy property in Dubai on a freehold basis since 2002 and this has led to a build now, pay later approach, reports the Telegraph.

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Spanish town takes direct action on dogs' mess

Walking down the street or through a park and accidentally standing in dogs' mess is an incredibly unpleasant experience as is seeing the substance anywhere in public. Some places seem to have more of a problem with pet owners not picking up after their canines than others but one town in Spain has found a solution.

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