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April Edition

The monthly magazine for people living and working overseas

This month we have seen a Royal visit to Oman and a number of resources designed to help those making the transition into expat life ease the process.

These included how-to guides, a graphic novel that has been produced as well as a fictional account of some quite out-of-the-ordinary expats in Luxembourg.

There have been some humorous articles too, with the likes of the keep fit class in Chicago aimed at both pets and their owners, and the expatriates in Shanghai who found themselves drenched in water for making too much noise.

We also look back at last month within our news stories, from St David's Day celebrations right at the beginning of the month through to the financial problems facing those in Cyprus.

Guide to setting up a bank account abroad

Moving abroad involves a lot of organisation, but a number of jobs can be carried out or started before leaving the UK - and setting up a bank account is one of them. By getting a head start, expatriates will be able to manage their money more effectively once they arrive in their destination country.

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Expats to cycle through 19 countries for fundraising drive

Two expatriates that have been living in Shanghai, one British and one French, are to set off on a fundraising bike ride this week. But instead of doing a 20-mile jaunt into the countryside they will be travelling through nearly that many countries in order to raise money for the Operation Smile charity.

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Kuwaiti government to increase medical fees for expats

Expatriates living in Kuwait could soon be faced with higher medical bills after the government proposed increasing fees for foreigners living in the country. In the past expats have been entitled to free or low-cost treatment on a par with citizens of the nation, but the Ministry of Health wants to introduce the change in order to boost profits.

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Noisy expats drenched by Shanghai residents

Residents in an area that has become popular with expatriates late into the night have taken matters into their own hands in order to deter drunken and noisy behaviour. On several occasions, revellers on Yongkang Road have found themselves drenched with buckets full of water dropped by those living in properties close to the much-frequented bars.

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The Expats is a page turner not a guide to life abroad

Anyone thinking about moving abroad and taking up the expatriate lifestyle may think of reading a novel on the subject, helping them to explore the issues that many expats experience. But do not be fooled; The Expats by Chris Pavone, which has just been published by Faber & Faber, is not the story of the average expat family.

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Prince Charles and Camilla meet expats in Oman

Expatriates located in Muscat were among those who met the Prince of Wales and his wife the Duchess of Cornwall on their trip to Oman this week. The three-day visit to the sultanate is part of a wider tour of the Middle East, allowing the royal couple to mix with Brits living and working abroad.

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HSBC produces interactive graphic novel on expat life

There are lots of issues that come up when thinking about making a move abroad, some which are obvious and others less so. It can be very easy to get bogged down in the tiny details, but potential expatriates should try and look at the decision from a distance and think about a variety of potential problems.

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Expats celebrate St David's Day

It is important for expatriates to maintain a sense of their own national identity, which can be achieved by continuing with traditions and celebrating important occasions wherever in the world they happen to be. This is why expats of Welsh origin will be marking St David's Day today, although some may be doing it in an unconventional manner.

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