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Expat health insurance news: Nordic countries 'perform well in corruption rankings'

Nordic countries are among the least corrupt in the world, a new index suggests.

Transparency International's latest corruption report details that Sweden and Finland achieved a score of 9.2 on the corruption perception index, where 10 indicates the lowest levels of corruption.

However, the two countries were beaten to the top of the scale by Denmark, New Zealand and Singapore, who all achieved a score of 9.3.

Mariano A Davies, president for the British Chamber of Commerce in Denmark, told the Telegraph that the Scandinavian penchant for Jante Law is a key reason why the country appears less corrupt than other nations around the world.

"There is a sense of watchdog mentality underlying the Danish way of life resulting in very clear 'dos and don'ts'," he said.

Expats hoping to avoid more corrupt countries may be advised to steer clear of countries currently suffering from conflict or unstable government.

Somalia came bottom of the index, achieving a score of 1.1, while Afghanistan achieved a 1.4 score.

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