Egyptian property 'is good for' an expatriate -
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Egyptian property 'is good for' an expatriate

The property market in Egypt has remained buoyant for a potential expatriate despite concerns over inflation, according to

Chief executive Nick Marr said that low entry prices for investors meant that capital growth was still very realistic and property could be acquired with little or no financing while leaving exposure to risk at a low.

Mr Marr went on to say that the fact that tourists have been visiting Egypt for years means that much of the infrastructure needed for property developments is already in place.

Alexandria, Luxor, Hurghada and Sharm el-Shiekh were all served by low cost airlines so it would be easier for an expatriate to move to Egypt without breaking the bank.

House prices in Egypt are low in comparison to England, however, they are likely to increase so people should move as soon as possible, according to Mr Marr.

"We market properties in Egypt starting from under £20,000 and the only way for prices like these to go is up," he said.

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