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8 of the Best Wild Swims on the Planet

During hot summer days, there is nothing better than cooling off in cold water. Luckily, Mother Nature has blessed the planet with some fantastic outdoor swimming opportunities, both fresh water and salty. The shock of the cool water might take your breath away, but steering clear of chlorine has got to be better. Havasu Falls, USA Many assume Arizona and the region around the Grand Canyon to be mainly rocky and dusty. However, the Havasu Falls are one of a few lush aquatic ... Read more

Expatriate Group Director Lee Gerry Talks iPMI Trends & Developments with Global Health Insider

After last year’s interview discussing Expatriate Group’s customer-centric business model, Global Health Insider brought Expatriate Group’s Director, Lee Gerry, back for an exclusive interview. Powered by the team from ExpatFinder.com, Mr Gerry discusses the latest developments in Expatriate Group such as the company’s improvements in customer service and the introduction of new products and benefits. In the interview, Mr Gerry explains: “Expatriate Group’s products and services are constantly evolving. We are under a continuous enhancement process, looking for all the 1% improvements and ... Read more

Expatriate Healthcare Finalists in Life Insurance International Awards 2016

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UK Becomes Major Draw for Polish Expats

Over the years the United Kingdom has become a popular expat destination, especially for those from developing nations. At present there is one immigrant for every seven people born in the UK. That equates to just shy of eight million foreign nationals now living within the British Isles. The UK has truly become an ethnic melting pot to rival any other on earth. Now, however, figures from the Office of National Statistics have revealed the changing ethnic face of Great Britain. No ... Read more

British Expats May Need Health Insurance for UK Treatment

Changes are afoot in the National Health Service which could impact the healthcare on offer to visitors to the UK. Somewhat surprisingly the same policy could rule out free medical care for British expat currently living overseas – even if they have spent years paying into the UK healthcare system. The Department of Health claims that historically visitors to the UK have been free to use many NHS services, but that foreign visitors currently cost the NHS £1.8 billion a year with ... Read more

Kuwait Bans New Expats

Like many of its Middle Eastern neighbours, Kuwait has become a key source of employment for expat workers. According to recent statistics, over two thirds of the population in Kuwait is now compromised of expat workers. Many countries see expat workers as being a very positive factor, allowing them to import knowledge and experience, not to mention man-power. As a result many Middle Eastern countries have been able to rapidly grow their economies and develop their infrastructure, transforming many of these countries ... Read more

Expat Packages Should Be Reviewed More Often Says New Study

The world of expat workers is often a complex one. Thanks to changes in legislation and currency, a once-perfect salary package may now be found to be severely lacking in some department. Or so a new study by employee benefits company Jelf International claim. According to the recent research, 42% of expats haven’t reviewed their benefits in the last 12 months. Worse, many of these people have never reviewed their package in order to ensure that it is kept suitably up-to-date. Expats in Russia ... Read more

Nepal Offers Free Flights to Expats Affected By Earthquake

On April 25th 2015, Nepal experienced one of its most severe earthquakes ever. Measuring in at 7.8 on the Richter scale, the single earthquake then led on to an astonishing 120 aftershocks. The quake led to avalanches on Mount Everest, buildings collapsing and thousands of local Nepalese and tourists to lose their lives. An estimated 8,000 people perished in the wake of the event, with over 20,000 people being injured alongside. It was a disaster on a monumental, national scale and the ... Read more
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