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Visiting Myanmar Just Got Easier with New eVisa System

For years, visitors to Southeast Asia have overlooked Burma as a potential travel destination. Instead Thailand, Laos and Cambodia among others have won the majority of the tourist dollars. Now, however, it looks like all that could be set to change thanks to changes in both the political situation in Myanmar as well as a new streamlined visa application process. Myanmar - also known as Burma - has long been avoided by most tourists. It has suffered from a military dictatorship and ... Read more

The Expat Love Affair with Cyprus Could Be Ending

Cyprus is one of the oldest inhabited countries in all of Europe, having been settled over 9,000 years ago according to recent archaeological finds. Pre-dating even the famous Egyptian empire, Cyprus was once the home to pygmy elephants and hippopotamus. These days it's better known to tourists and expats alike as a source of reliable weather popular for those seeking warmer climates. Enjoying the warmest temperatures in the whole of the Mediterranean with a balmy average of 19'C even in December it ... Read more

Cost of Air Travel Can Vary 1240% between Countries

The cost of air travel can vary by more than 1000% between countries according to European travel company GoEuro. The surprising findings come from new research which looked at the cost of travelling by plane, train and bus in 51 countries around the world and highlights the wildly varying costs of transportation worldwide. The good news is that the study provides further evidence of just how much money can be saved when travelling abroad with a little 'insider knowledge'. Expats too, may find the research useful for ... Read more

Changes to Travel Rules for Families Visiting South Africa

South Africa has long been a popular destination for Brits seeking winter sunshine. Each year over 300,000 of us fly out to the Cape in search of better weather, sandy beaches and breath-taking scenery. Unfortunately though, British expats and holiday makers visiting South Africa from October 1st onwards could be in for a nasty surprise. In an attempt to tackle problems of child abduction and trafficking, new rules are to be introduced for minors entering the country. Anyone entering the country with ... Read more

Cost of Renouncing US Citizenship Quintuples

According to the US Center for Immigration Studies, each year the USA deports over 700,000 immigrants they consider to be unwelcome. There are also around 1.8 million so-called 'aliens' awaiting removal at any time. However while America is quick to rid itself of non-nationals it seems they're doing everything they can to retain US citizens - even those looking to formally renounce their citizenship. The tax burden on US citizens living overseas has continued to grow under recent administrations. The recently-introduced FATCA ... Read more

The Oscars of the Travel Industry Reveal Some Surprising Results

After handing out a total of 88 European awards (as well as numerous country-specific awards) we're now able to draw some conclusions about which companies and locations are most worthy of your travel money. Overall the winners list shows a disappointingly small number of British companies though British Airways was successfully crowned Europe's Leading Airline to Asia. picked up the award for best cruise travel agent however most surprising of all was how prominently the county of Yorkshire featured in the ... Read more

Sports Fans: Where to See the Best Sporting Events In 2014

It's fair to say that 2014 has been an exceptional year so far for sports fans. Whether that's the Tour de France earlier in the year, the World Cup in Brazil or the US PGA in Kentucky, every month seems to have brought thrills and spills that many will remember for years to come. But as summer moves slowly into autumn, are the best sporting events of the year behind us? Arguably, the answer is a definitive 'no' and anyone willing to ... Read more

Expats Fear Fresh Changes to Thai Visa Restrictions

After the recent political unrest in Thailand it seems that the expat community could be next to feel the squeeze. Long known for its relaxed attitude toward expats, some authorities now place Thailand's immigrant and expat community at over 3 million, all of whom may be affected by new rules being introduced. Among those affected may be Britain's estimated 55,000 expats living in the tropical paradise, who could soon find themselves on increasingly shaky ground when applying for visa renewals, thanks ... Read more

Why counselling may be needed for expats’ mental health

Lately, the NHS and the mental health services have come under great scrutiny. There are claims that mental health care is severely underfunded yet it is something that expats may benefit from. There are a growing number of counsellors and therapists all over the world, who specialise in supporting expats and their mental well-being. There is a common misconception that expats have a glamorous life. They are living abroad in an exotic country, mixing with the locals and immersing in new cultural experiences with a better salary and ... Read more

Understanding Ramadan and knowing how to behave when you are in the UAE

The ninth month of the Islamic calendar is very important because it is the month of Ramadan. It is culturally significant for all Muslims around the world and is particularly so in the Emirates. This year, it runs from June 28th to July 27th and usually lasts for 29 or 30 days. During this holy month, Muslims immerse themselves in their faith and abstain from drinking and eating from sunrise to sunset every day. The Muslim community are prohibited from eating, drinking, smoking and having sex between sunrise ... Read more
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