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Top Expat Healthcare Destinations Revealed

If there’s one thing we know about here at Expatriate Healthcare it is, well, expatriate healthcare. A major concern among many expats is ensuring that they can receive high quality, cost-effective medical care while abroad. As you can no doubt guess, standards of care – and the associated costs – can differ wildly around the world. Many first-world destinations such as the USA, Canada and Scandinavia offer exceptional levels of medical care – but at a high price. Unless you’re a Russian oil-baron ... Read more

Relaxed UAE Labour Rules Could Benefit Expats

While many Middle Eastern countries are busy progressively tightening up their labour laws to make it ever more difficult for expat workers to migrate to their countries, the UAE seems to be doing the complete opposite. We reported recently, for example, that Saudi Arabia is considering new rules to gently reduce the number of expats working there, while Oman has now put in place a ban on returning workers for two years. In contrast, the UAE could potentially benefit from these estranged workers ... Read more

Expat Workers in Oman to Be Denied Re-Entry for 2 Years

The Gulf States have long maintained a series of policies to help them police and control the large numbers of expat workers flooding into the country. For example, it is perfectly normal for expat workers who leave the employment of one company to be forced to leave the country before re-applying for another position. Only those in gainful employment are permitted. Whilst in the past this was a major inconvenience for many expat workers, a recent change to the law promises to make ... Read more

The Future Looks Bright for Expats in Saudi Arabia

Barely a month goes by without us reporting on some new strategy being employed by Gulf nations to control expat working numbers. These nations – such as Oman, the UAE and Qatar – face a constant balancing act, seeking to recruit only the most able and qualified individuals to their countries, while minimizing local unemployment. No wonder it’s such a complex juggling act, requiring constant innovation. Just recently, for example, we reported that Kuwait was considering reducing expat residency lengths and expelling ... Read more

Changing Expat Landscape Revealed By Survey

In many ways the “classic” view of an expat is the professional and/or managerial male, travelling round the world, often with his family in tow. However a number of recent studies have challenged this viewpoint, suggesting that the entire expat landscape is shifting. Let’s take permanency as an example. Natwest found in 2008 that 67% of expats considered themselves “lifers” – people more than happy to travel from one expat destination to another – as required by employers – only returning “home” ... Read more

Expat Quality of Life Around the World Revealed

One of the main expat surveys carried out each year is the HSBC Expat Explorer; covered each year here on Expatriate Healthcare. The survey aims to rank countries of the world by their attractiveness to expats already living in those countries. However a competing survey has recently been published by Natwest with a slightly different angle. The so-called Natwest IPB Quality of Life Index, as the name suggests, aims to find those countries offering expats the highest quality of life. While the ... Read more

Expats in Kuwait Could Be Deported For Breaking Environmental Laws

Over the last few years we have seen an increasing number of countries fail to agree on all manner of environmental targets. Even many of those who have agreed to cut emissions or protect wild areas have subsequently failed to meet the targets they accepted. And so it is in many fast-growing economies, each of whom wants to protect the environment without stifling competitiveness or the broader economy. Kuwait, however, has a surprisingly robust environmental policy thanks to the so-called “Environmental Protection Law” ... Read more

Expats Numbers in Saudi Arabia Likely to Drop

Like other Gulf nations, Saudi Arabia is a hotspot for expatriate workers from around the world. Recent statistics suggest that just over 10 million foreigners currently live and work in the Saudi kingdom. This represents roughly a third of the total population. Clearly, expats are a critical part of the economy at present, helping to provide both skilled and unskilled labour as and when required. From c-suite execs through to lowly manual construction workers, in many ways these workers help to keep Saudi ... Read more

Expats Fined in Oman for Lift Sharing

It’s a fact of life that many of us are becoming ever more aware of the environment, and the impacts that our road travel has on it. To this end many people enjoy the practical and environmental benefits of taking public transport when appropriate. Still others “lift share”, driving together in groups when all parties are heading for the same destination. Likewise, expats in Oman are not immune to this “lift sharing” philosophy, which can not only save passengers money but also make travelling ... Read more

Expats with Kids 25% More Likely To Stay Long Term in Australia

As anyone with children has discovered, having kids changes pretty much every element of your life. We swap the sporty convertible for a sensible people carrier, the tropical beaches for ones closer to home and the penthouse to a property with a garden for the swing. Unsurprisingly, it seems that expats who move abroad with their family also behave considerably differently to those without dependents. The latest HSBC Expat Explorer survey reveals, for example, that expats are more likely to remain long-term in a ... Read more
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