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Moving Abroad

The Best Countries for Unique Halloween Celebrations

The USA is the undisputed champion of Halloween, with the UK not far behind. However, the reasons behind the traditions and customs have evaporated over the years. Although people of all ages revel in the spooky celebrations, there are locations around the world that have their own unique ways of doing things. From spirits visiting the earth for feasts, to psychic readings and the planting of wheat, the locations below may inspire you to indulge in something a little different this Halloween. Day ... Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Live in Spain?

Spain, particularly for British expats, is a no-questions-asked destination to migrate to. The simple joys of Spanish living draw many to the sunny destination which boasts cultural cities, picturesque beaches, and a relaxed way of living. Furthermore, with the cost of living in Spain lower than that of the UK, it seems like a wise move for a better life. The Legatum Institute, a London-based think tank, release their global Prosperity Index annually. The survey ranks the most prosperous countries in the ... Read more

5 of the Most Haunted Locations in the World

For the superstitious amongst us, Halloween is regarded as the most paranormally active night of the year. With this year’s celebrations just around the corner, it is an opportunity to take a look at the spooky phenomenon happening in five of the world’s most haunted locations. With dark histories spanning centuries, and tragedies at every turn, prepare to feel a chill as you uncover the unnerving truths associated with these globally renowned sinister locations. The Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire, UK An idyllic British ... Read more

Asian Women Are Failing to Secure Senior Roles in Work

Due to questionable attitudes and male dominated workplaces, women in Asia are struggling to secure senior positions in the workplace. Despite being qualified for the jobs available, there are hurdles in place that are preventing women from breaking the glass ceiling. The global business advisory’s study, Women in Leadership in Asia Pacific, explored the attitudes of 143 senior executives across China, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and Japan. The study found that women were not interested in flexible working hours, but were ... Read more

Sweden is The Best Country in the World to Raise Children

Sweden has been ranked the best country in the world for expat families to move to. As well as offering an incredible quality of life, education and income were also rated highly. The Expat Explorer Survey was conducted by HSBC, within which 26,871 expats responded to questions about their lives abroad including careers, financial wellbeing, quality of life, and ease of settling in for children. This is Sweden’s second year at the top of the tables for children, with 75% of expat parents ... Read more

Will British Expats in EU Face Green Card Scheme?

Britain’s vote to leave the EU has resulted in a multitude of speculation and there is no doubt that the result will redefine British relationships with the rest of Europe for the foreseeable future. When the UK decides to implement Article 50, the arduous and difficult process will begin. Negotiations are currently taking place on both sides of the Channel, and many are beginning to conjure their own decisions as to the protocol that should be followed when Britain is no longer ... Read more

How Can I Stop Anxiety Ruining My Expat Plans?

Living with anxiety can be extremely debilitating. There are different areas of everyday life that can amplify disorders and, for some, it is the prospect of travelling. Many individuals who suffer from panic attacks or anxiety disorders dream of a life overseas, but many are being left grounded by fears. Anxiety is a very personal disorder, with many different categories. What might trigger one PTSD sufferer, may not affect somebody with a phobia or GAD. There is no fool proof method to ... Read more

Top 5 Best Countries in Europe to Be Self Employed

Taking the plunge and becoming self-employed in your own country is daunting enough, but considering taking your entrepreneurial skills abroad is a brave move. However, it is one that can prove very fruitful. A number of European countries have perks that can help create a fantastic life for self-employed expats. Not only that, but remaining in Europe means you are just in touching distance of the UK, if you are a British expat. The five countries below have some of the best ... Read more

Brave Move by Kenya to Banish Unwanted Expats

Back in June, the Kenyan government issued a quit notice against the expat community. This isn’t the first time the Government has issued such a statement; both Daniel arap Moi and Mwai Kibaki delivered comparable threats during their presidential reigns. The notion was delivered by the State Department for Immigration, and it stated that the Government would not renew permits for expatriates whose terms have expired unless it was proven beyond doubt that no Kenyan could perform their jobs. There are two main ... Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Live in Thailand?

Thailand is often referred to as being ‘dirt cheap’ for expats. Whilst this charming term may not seem particularly becoming, with rent, groceries and eating out over 60% cheaper than the UK, you can’t help but agree when considering the prices the Western world is used to. The Legatum Institute, a London-based think tank, release their global Prosperity Index annually. The survey ranks the most prosperous countries in the world. Many assume prosperity is used in reference to the financial standing of ... Read more
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