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Expats in Oman Could Be Hit By Benefit Cuts

Like many countries who rely on oil as the backbone of their economy, Oman’s finances are under increasing pressure. According to the Times of Oman the country’s budget deficit currently sits at a crippling OMR 3.5bn, something that the government is understandably keen to reduce. This is equivalent to a 15% overspend last year, which is expected to grow further in 2016. Over recent months the Omani government has, like so many others, been going through a painful process of belt-tightening. Looking for ever more ... Read more

British Expats Encouraged To Register for Brexit Referendum

There can be few people who are unaware of the ongoing saga between the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. In recent years a growing discontent about Britain’s laws and rules being set by politicians in other countries has led to a growing resentment of “Europe” as a political entity. In recent months British PM David Cameron has worked hard with many of Europe’s leaders in the hope of negotiating a deal which allows the UK to remain part of the European ... Read more

What are The Best (and Worst) Passports for International Travel?

Many expats and seasoned travellers are so used to brandishing their passport sanguinely while gliding into yet another country as to take it for granted. After all, isn’t a passport just a passport? Apparently not, according to a new study by residence and citizenship experts Henley & Parts. The firm recently published their annual “Visa Restriction Index” which aims to examine the “strength” of different passports. In essence, the study looks at how many countries the holder of a specific passport can enter either without ... Read more

Booking a Holiday? Here’s Where Your Money Will Go Furthest….

Thanks to global currency changes, visiting the same holiday destination as you did last year could cost you considerably more – or less – than it did in 2015. For example Sterling is worth less against the Euro than any time in the last year, meaning that European holidays are likely to cost you more. As a result its likely that trips, eating out and buying souvenirs are likely to cost you considerably more than last year. That is, of course, unless you've still got a ... Read more

Is The British Passion for Staycations Declining?

Over the last few years a number of studies have found that staycations have gained in popularity among Brits. A combination of financial woes, the impracticalities of international travel for travellers with children and the growing UK tourism sector have convinced ever more of us to holiday at home. Take last year, for example, a potential high-point for staycationers, with 72% of Brits stating that they planned to stay on home shores for their summer holiday. Last year studies found that the ... Read more

17% of Americans Took Less Than 5 Days of Vacation in 2015

It’s no secret that taking a vacation can do you a power of good. Statistics suggest, for example, that 40% of people taking time off come back to work feeling re-energized and more productive. Even better, fully 50% of people report feeling more rested and “reconnected to their personal life” after taking time away from the office. This why heading abroad shouldn’t just be seen as a luxury – or as being “lazy” and shirking your workplace responsibilities, but that time away ... Read more

Are You Infuriating Fellow Travellers With Your Mobile Etiquette?

In an increasingly connected world, most of us carry our mobile phones with us at all times. 75% of us even admit to using our phones while using the toilet. Mobile phones are, for better or worse, part of most people’s everyday lives; even on vacation. But what are the “unwritten rules” for using your phone while you’re away from home? What habits are most likely to frustrate other travellers, drawing withering glances from world-weary tourists? That’s exactly what a new study from ... Read more

60% of Travellers Never Truly “Unplug” While on Vacation

Over the last few years a number of studies have revealed the declining ability of vacationers to make full use of their time away from the office. For example we’ve discussed the most “vacation deprived” countries in the world, how 40% of Americans fail to take their full vacation entitlement and that 22% of us feel guilty about taking time off work. Now a new survey from Expedia paints an even starker picture; even while we’re away from the office on vacation we’re ... Read more

Oman Begins Charging Companies for Expat Visas

Oman has a big problem at present; a considerable budget deficit which seems to be growing progressively larger. Like any other well-run government, policy-makers in Oman have begun to look for solutions to reduce this unfortunate set of circumstances, especially as oil revenues continue to underperform. One strategy being used in Oman is changing how expat worker visas are being processed. In the past companies could simply apply for visa on behalf of overseas staff and receive these free-of-charge. Of course there are ... Read more

British Expats in Australia “Discriminated” Against

In the past we have reported a number of times on the British government’s policy to “freeze” pensions paid to British expats living in a number of popular retirement destinations. This freeze means that many British pensioners find their pension payments are fixed at the same rate as when they are first paid out. This is in stark contrast to expats living in – or coming from – a range of other countries. Here their pensions are linked to the rate of ... Read more
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