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Pool of opportunities for career minded women in UAE and Qatar

Qatar and the UAE have been ranked two of the best countries in the world for business-orientated women to thrive, according to recently released data from the HSBC Expat Explorer survey. Nearly 10,000 expat women from 25 countries participated in the survey, with 58% from the UAE being the highest globally to highlight that financial benefits and career progression were highly important in their decision to move to the Middle East. With complaints of male-dominated workplaces and lack of career progression for women ... Read more

Number of US Expats in Russia Has Fallen By 79%

Just a few years ago Russia was the place to be for expats. With a strong and growing economy, creating opportunities for experienced workers from around the world, life in Russia looked increasingly rosy. Just recently, for example, Russia was cited as one of the very best destinations for expats to enhance their careers and learn new skills. However the evidence suggests that this may now be changing, with ever more expats leaving the “motherland” either through choice or lack of employment. There are a ... Read more

Best Expat Retirement Destinations Named

Ever more of us are opting to retire abroad; to reward ourselves for a lifetime of hard work by moving to a country that offers a healthy climate, great food and reasonable prices. The problem is quite where the “best” retirement destinations really are. After all, there are dozens of questions that retirees should be able to answer in order to select the best retirement destinations. Surely, gathering so much information could be a lifetime’s work in itself. Thank goodness, therefore, for International Living ... Read more

Shrinking Chinese Economy Affects Expats in Australia

It’s no secret that China’s once-roaring economy, while still impressive, has been slowing down in recent years. This has led to many concerns about companies doing large amounts of business with the new Chinese middle class – a group that now outnumbers the whole of the US population. Apple is one of the most high-profile victims recently, who are relying on Chinese imports of iPhones and iPads to grow their bottom line. Stagnating sales have led to surprise share price falls recently not ... Read more

Cities Offering the Highest Quality of Life Revealed

In today’s global economy more of us than ever before are reaping the benefits of international relocation and the career-enhancing opportunities that such situations can bring. However a perennial problem is assessing which potential destinations are likely to offer you (and your family) the very best quality of life. After all, while some expats are happy to relocate almost anywhere for the right salary package and future prospects, just as important to many of us is to ensure that we relocate to a ... Read more

Kuwaiti Government Plans to Cut Expat Numbers Further Say Sources

It is no secret that Kuwait has a lot of expats working within their border. The most recent statistics suggest that around 70% of the population of Kuwait are non-natives, drawn in by often-generous salaries to fill gaps in the Kuwaiti workforce. At the same time a rising tide of discontent has been making itself felt in recent months, with ever more initiatives being discussed to reduce the number of expats living in the country. On the one hand concerns have been raised about ... Read more

Australia Relaxes Citizenship Rules for New Zealand Expats

Australia’s incredible natural beauty, coupled with its enviable climate makes it a popular expat destination for people around the world. For example it has long been one of the top destinations for Brits seeking to leave behind the wet and dreary UK. It’s also the natural choice for many New Zealanders looking for opportunities overseas. Unfortunately allegedly “draconian” rules have meant that expat life for Kiwis in Australia has been tough. Most New Zealanders arrive to work, where they are required to pay taxes into ... Read more

Expat Teachers in Kuwait Set for Greater Benefits

In recent months we have reported time and again about the way in which Kuwait is trying to bring expat numbers under control. Numerous initiatives have sought to gently reduce the vast number of expat workers in Kuwait, thus providing additional employment opportunities for native Kuwaitis. Additionally, at a time when oil revenues are falling, and the government is struggling to recover from a recent budget deficit reducing the number of well-paid expats in the nation should help cut costs. Just recently, for example, ... Read more

The Best Places to Visit in March for Reliable Sunshine

This winter’s weather in the UK has made for an eye-watering experience. The winter of 2015/2016 has gone down as one of the wettest and windiest on record, thanks to the effects of El Nino. While temperatures may have sat comfortably above average, seemingly endless sheets of rain and widespread flooding have dampened the spirit of many Brits. Fortunately, of course, it’s ever easier and cheaper to leave British shores for a few weeks. If you’ve had enough of waiting for spring to arrive, ... Read more

The Facts Around Working Abroad

According to the United Nations an incredible 232 million people are now living in a country in which they weren't born. Expat life is truly a global phenomenon with ever more of us travelling around the world for better weather, increased career prospects or more competitive salaries. According to HSBC, who surveyed 22,000 expats around the world recently, 58% of all the expats they spoke to moved abroad because of their career. Reasons cited include better job prospects, new challenges or employer requests. But ... Read more
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