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Where is the Happiest Place in the World for Expats?

Some of us find happiness in the simplest things. The smell of freshly cut grass. Indulging in your favourite meal. For others, it is our family, or money, that brings us glee. Living a happy life is different for everybody, but are there some countries where are you most likely to experience it? InterNation’s Expat Inside Survey asked 14,300 expats living in 191 countries and representing 191 countries to give their opinions on expat life in their country of residence. Of the ... Read more

Discovering the Solomon Islands & Tonga

The South Pacific is home to popular holiday destinations islands such as Fiji, Tahiti, and Easter Island. That’s without mentioning the clear winners, Australia and New Zealand. However, dotted in the southern half of the Pacific Ocean are countless archipelagos and stand-alone islands. What may only appear as nothing more than a pin prick of green on a world map could hold some of the most unique people, breath-taking scenery, and unrivalled experiences on the planet. For this reason, we are exploring ... Read more

The Best Countries in the World for Working Women

The World Economic Forum has revealed the best countries in the world for women in their latest Global Gender Gap report. However, unlike most studies which measure the baseline quality of living, this report has a focus upon gender disparity. The report analyses the economies of 144 countries in relation to the female workforce with a focus upon politics, education, health, and economy. The 2016 report is an excellent resource to explore the lives of women in different countries and distinguish which ... Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Live in Mexico?

Holidaymakers and expats are greeted warmly in Mexico and tourism is one of the most important industries. It is the eighth most visited country in the world and there are estimated to be well over a million expats (particularly North Americans) calling the country home. The Legatum Institute, a London-based think tank, release their global Prosperity Index annually. The survey ranks the most prosperous countries in the world. Many assume prosperity is used in reference to the financial standing of a country ... Read more

Global Media Coverage for Travel Insurance Expansion

Health Insurance Daily, IPMI Magazine and Cover Magazine have all featured Expatriate Group in articles this week. Two significant changes for international customers have hit the Expatriate Healthcare site and are effective now. New Travel Insurance Additions Travellers and holidaymakers can now benefit from three additional travel cover options. The Winter Sports Package covers ski equipment, piste closure and avalanche delays.  The Business Equipment and Money add-on covers business kit (including hired items) and business money. Lastly, additional Golf Cover relates to green ... Read more

9 Authentic Jamaican Experiences You Need to Know

Many see Jamaica as a dream holiday destination; exclusive luxury hotels and private tropical beaches. Although a fantastic way to spend a vacation, it seems a waste to visit a country with such an exciting culture and history yet not experience any of it. Below are Jamaica’s top nine experiences, from tempting the senses with jerk chicken and reggae music, to discovering the dark history of Rose Hall and Port Royal. Jamaica Carnival Also known as Bacchanal Jamaica, the festival came to life ... Read more

Visa Options for Fearful British Expats in Germany

More than 100,000 Brits live in Germany and not one is certain of their future in the country. Currently, British nationals are protected by EU rules, as Article 50 has not been triggered. Presently, it is rumoured that Britain will be free of European Union control by April 2019. The uncertainty surrounding expat’s futures not only in Germany and Britain, but all other EU states, is making many extremely nervous. Much of Germany’s British expat community is made up of young professionals ... Read more

10 Eateries Everyone Must Visit in New York

Whether you have just moved to New York, or are on a city break, the plethora of restaurants throughout the Big Apple is overwhelming. With more people than ever heading across on three night minibreaks, this allows 72 hours to satisfy your appetite with the best food that New York has to offer. From soul food to doughnuts, everything is covered in our 10 favourite eateries. Joe’s Pizza, 7 Carmine Street Founded in 1975 by Pino ‘Joe’ Pozzuoli, Joe’s Pizza is the place ... Read more

Finland is the Best Place in the World for Expat Children

For expat parents, one of the biggest concerns is ensuring that their children are safe, well-educated and enjoy a good quality of life. Whether moving through choice or due to a work placement, expat parents tend make choices based upon their children’s welfare by exploring schools, leisure activities, and family-friendly residential areas. InterNations 2016 Expat Insider survey has revealed some changes in the Family Life Index, which focuses upon childcare, education, and family-welling being. Expats living across 45 countries were surveyed and ... Read more

5 Attractive Locations for Solo World Travellers

Many of us would never consider the daunting prospect of travelling to distant lands on our own. However, for some, globetrotting solo is the only way to travel. Not only do you get to go at your own pace and experience exactly what is important to you, you’re less likely to feel stressed out, you’ll undoubtedly save money, and it can be an excellent confidence booster. Whether you are a seasoned or fledgling traveller the five locations below are some of the ... Read more
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