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What You Should Know About Retiring to Spain

Spain has long been a popular destination for many retired Brits, with more than half of the 300,000 British expat population aged over 65. And it’s not difficult to see why - the country has much to offer - affordable coastal resorts, glorious sunshine, idyllic beaches and delicious cuisine, to name a few! With Brexit looming, the ease of retiring to Spain will of course be affected after the UK leaves the EU. However, agreements already made with the European Union on ... Read more

How to Cope with Darkness in Nordic Countries as an Expat

Expats looking to relocate to Northern Europe or the North Atlantic, namely countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland, you will likely have some awareness of the fact that the winter months are longer and colder when compared to the UK winter season. You will also be aware that a longer winter will mean the need to wrap up warmer and that perhaps you may need to invest in some snow boots. However, often it can come as a surprise that ... Read more

New Expats Unable to Enter Sydney and Melbourne

Australian cities, Sydney and Melbourne have long been popular destinations for locals and expats alike. Not unsurprisingly, these sort after locations are beginning to buckle under the pressure, with housing, schools, healthcare and public transport struggling to take the strain of the growing population. Meanwhile, many other areas of the country are suffering from population decline. Statistics issued from the Department of Immigration have shed light on some of the possible reasons, showing that one in ten people entering Australia relocate to ... Read more

The British Government is Protecting Healthcare

The word Brexit has become, for many expats, a cause of much fear and uncertainty. With the word dominating the headlines in recent months, countless expats are on the edge of their seat awaiting news that will provide some clarity as to how their life abroad is likely to be impacted. One of the biggest concerns has been for expats state pensioners who would be hugely affected by some of the claims being expressed in the media. It’s been a worrying time, ... Read more

An Expat Student Guide to New Zealand Visas

New Zealand is in many ways is a home from home for British expat students. The educational system is the same as the UK and, of course, it’s an English speaking country, making it relatively easy to settle in quickly. However, that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Yes, it is also an island (well two actually), it has lush green landscapes and these are also home to a fair amount of sheep, but New Zealand has some major plus points when ... Read more

Could You Boost Annual Income by Moving Abroad?

It is reported that British expats, on average, are seeing a £14,600 injection of cash into their annual salary after moving abroad. Skilled expats are packing their bags and heading for new climes so that they can cash in on extra cash other Brits are earning. These findings come as a result of HSBC’s 11th annual Expat Explorer survey which unveils what life is really like for expats around the globe. 45% of respondents to the latest survey stated they are earning ... Read more

How to Financially Prepare Before Moving Abroad

Booking your flights. Securing accommodation. Liaising with your new employer. Before emigrating, it can be so easy to let your mind only consider your plans going forward. However, your finances will definitely need some attention before you jet off. Countless expats move abroad to benefit from higher salaries and more beneficial offshore legislation. Therefore, it’s all the more important to get everything in order back in your home country. Bank accounts There is no right or wrong option when it comes to your ... Read more

An Expat Student Guide to Chinese Visas

As one of the most intriguing countries in the world, China has become one of the most popular places to pursue a degree abroad. Students from Europe, the USA and other parts of Asia are flocking to Chinese city to experience a rigorous but comprehensive education and they are guaranteed to improve career prospects. Apart from being exposed to excellent teaching, you will immerse in the Chinese culture which will certainly deepen your intellectual horizon. What Chinese student visa do I need? Any ... Read more

An Expat Guide to Understanding Ramadan

The Middle East is unlike any other region on the planet. Its people and their customs and traditions are so unique that my expats fail to realise just how special each country of the Middle East is. For this reason, many expats fail to understand how the region operates and end up disrespecting many Middle Eastern people and their values. What should be a peaceful co-existence can sometimes be tarnished by the ignorance of a handful. For this reason, we wanted to ... Read more

Should I Homeschool My Child Whilst Living Abroad?

Who wouldn’t want their child to experience new ideas, languages and cultures? Moving abroad and setting up life in a country alien to your own can be an incredible experience, particularly for your kids. Whilst there are challenges expat families face in regard to education, such as expensive independent schools and interrupted study, there is an educational option that is becoming popular amongst expat communities. There are particularly prevalent home education movements in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. ... Read more
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