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International Healthcare

International Health Insurance News: Exercise can improve blood flow

International health insurance customers might be interested to learn that even gentle exercise can be of benefit to older people.Indeed, research from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital's Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine found that older women's blood flow to the brain increases when they exercise.The study followed 16 women aged 60 or over for three months and found that brisk walking for between 30 and 50 minutes three or four times a week can improve blood flow to the brain by ... Read more

International Healthcare News: Safest to avoid alcohol while pregnant

Expatriate healthcare customers who are expecting a child have been advised that it is safest to avoid alcohol altogether during pregnancy.Jacqui Clinton, health campaigns director for Tommy's, explained that the number of conflicting studies and mixed messages surrounding alcohol consumption during pregnancy mean that its safest just to simply not drink.The comments come after a report in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth journal showed that research tends to conflict when it comes to drinking during pregnancy.Expatriate health insurance customers could always talk ... Read more

International Health Insurance News: Group exercise ‘more fun’

Expatriate health insurance customers might want to research exercise classes in their local area.According to Vicky Johnston, chartered physiotherapist from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, older people should look in local newspapers and notice boards to see if there are any exercise classes available near them.She added that working out with other people is likely to make things it more fun and will help them to stop the reduction in muscle that comes with age.Ms Johnston added: "At home, there are ... Read more

International Healthcare News: Diabetes education program discovers improved blood sugar control

Effectively managing diabetes results in significantly improved long-term blood sugar control, a new study has suggested.Researchers at John Hopkins University School of Medicine implemented an intensive programme that taught low-income, poorly educated diabetics to better manage their disease.According to the research, the findings offer clinicians a proven new tool to help those with poorly controlled diabetes make lifestyle changes to improve their health."We know that people need information to manage their disease, but having knowledge of the facts is not enough ... Read more

International Healthcare News: ‘Dual switch’ regulates fat, say scientists

International healthcare insurance policyholders may be interested to hear that researchers in the US have suggested that have found a key regulator of fat cell development that may provide a target for obesity and diabetes drugs.According to scientists at The Scripps Research Institute and collaborating institutions, a protein called TLE3 that acts as a dual switch to turn on signals that stimulate fat cell formation and can also turn off those that keep fat cells from developing.TLE3 works in partnership with ... Read more

International Healthcare News: Discuss painkillers with GPs

International health insurance customers might want to take heed of expert advice and discuss painkillers with their doctors.According to Dr Rob Hicks, a UK media doctor and practising GP, many people still don't talk to GPs or pharmacists about which painkillers to choose."If they've got a pain that's not going away, and isn't being successfully treated by the treatments they are using – ask for advice," he urged.The comment followed research from Opinion Health that revealed women are 'putting up and ... Read more

International Health Insurance News: Exercise ‘beneficial’ during pregnancy

International health insurance customers who are concerned about their weight might want to discuss the matter with their doctors.According to Vicky Warr, a specialist pregnancy fitness consultant for Mothercare and the BBC, exercise is can be very beneficial for women who are carrying a child.However, she urged pregnant women to "always have their doctor's consent to start weight training or any exercise programme".Ms Warr explained that pregnancy will help the mother and the baby keep fit.It will allow women to control ... Read more

Overseas Medical Insurance News: Autism diagnosis ‘still influenced by socioeconomics’

Overseas medical insurance policies could help people to access doctors who are more likely to diagnose autism.According to recent research published in the American Sociological Review, which looked at birth and diagnostic records for all children born in California between 1992 and 2000, children in wealthier neighbourhoods were more likely to be diagnosed for autism.On average, children born to a poor family that lived in a more affluent neighbourhood were almost 250 per cent more likely to be diagnosed with autism ... Read more

International Healthcare News: Childhood obesity peaks between 7 and 11 years

International health insurance customers who are concerned about their child's weight might want to discuss the issue with a doctor while the child is below the age of seven.According to recent research, children are most at risk of becoming overweight or obese between the ages of seven and 11.Indeed, 19 per cent of the 5,000 children monitored by the universities of Bristol, Stirling and Strathclyde became overweight or obese between these ages.Just ten per cent put on too much weight between ... Read more

International Healthcare News: Binge drinking ‘damages brain development’

In news which may be of interest to international health insurance customers, research has found that binge drinking during adolescence can have a lasting effect on the brain.This is partly due to the fact that the brain is undergoing a critical period of development between the ages of 12 and 20, the team from UNC School of Medicine explained.Growth of the cortex is at a peak and there are some major rearrangements of neurons taking place, partly to help the brain ... Read more
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