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International Health Insurance News: Arthritis can impact quality of life

International health insurance is something worth considering, especially as new studies have shown that arthritis can negatively impact somebody's quality of life.Published in Arthritis Care & Research, the research showed that people with the condition have much poorer health related quality of life than those without the condition.Indeed, 27 per cent of people with arthritis reported fair or poor health, compared with just 12 per cent of those without the condition.The three-year study considered data of more than one million people ... Read more

International Health Insurance News: Light exercise shifts baby weight

International health insurance customers who are expecting a child have been advised to start doing light aerobic exercise after giving birth to get back to a healthy weight. Fitness expert Steve Halsall even said that getting out and pushing the buggy can have an impact on weight loss."As long as you are comfortable and your position is good on the buggy then you can walk up and down as long as you have the energy," he said.The expert also recommended that mums ... Read more

Overseas Health Insurance News: Childhood behaviour linked to regulatory issues

Expatriates with children might be interested to learn that a link has been found between infants with regulatory problems and the development of behavioural problems in later childhood.Published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood, the study found that around 20 per cent of all infants have regulatory problems.These include persistent crying, sleeping and feeding issues.A total of 22 studies conducted between 1987 and 2006 were analysed by the researchers.They concluded that those who experienced regulatory problems were significantly more likely ... Read more

International Health Insurance News: Fertility important for men and women

Overseas medical insurance customers who are trying for a child might be interested to learn that both men and women have a part to play in improving their fertility.According to Zita West, fertility and pregnancy expert and founder of the Zita West Clinic, there is a lot of focus on the woman's fertility.This is in spite of the fact that "50 per cent is the man" and there are a number of things men can do to optimise the health of ... Read more

Overseas Health Insurance News: Antihistamines advised for NVP

Expatriate health insurance customers who are struggling with sickness during pregnancy might want to talk to their doctor about taking antihistamines.The drugs are recommended by National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence antenatal care guidelines.They claim that women who request or require treatment for severe nausea and vomiting of pregnancy (NVP) should be offered antihistamines by their doctor.A review recently published in the journal the Obstetrician & Gynaecologist found that NVP can significantly impact a woman's life when untreated.Indeed, some people ... Read more

International Health Insurance News: Diet during pregnancy ‘impacts child’

International health insurance customers expecting a child might want to pay heed to recent research showing that a mother's diet can impact her unborn child's health.Conducted by a team at Southampton University, the study found that eating a balanced diet while pregnant will help to lower the risk of the child being obese or overweight.British Heart Foundation Professor Mark Hanson, who led the research, explained that diet can impact the way in which the child's DNA is 'translated' into cell components ... Read more

Overseas Health Insurance News: Walk to work to ‘lower stress’

Overseas health insurance customers living in pleasant climates might want to take advantage of the summer weather and walk or cycle to work.According to Roger Harrop, business expert and international speaker, walking or cycling to work will help people to enjoy an endorphin release on their commute.He added: "You can also take the opportunity to quietly look at, and think about, the big picture of your job and plan what you are going to focus on when you get to work."Mr ... Read more

International Health Insurance News: Regular eye tests advisable

International health insurance customers might want to take advantage of their access to healthcare services and ensure that they have regular eye tests.According to recent comments from Cathy Yelf, head of external relations at the Macular Disease Society, eye tests are "not just a check to see if you need glasses"."Eye tests are an important way to check your general health as well as your eye health," she explained.The comments follow research which found that over half of adults surveyed claim ... Read more

Worldwide Medical Insurance News: AUD risks ‘passed onto offspring’

Worldwide medical insurance customers might be interested to learn that the risk of developing alcohol use disorders (AUDs) can be passed from parents to offspring.The research, due to be published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, looked at a large population-based sample of Danish parents.It found that, regardless of other significant predictors such as gender, parental social status and parental psychiatric hospitalisation with other diagnoses, children of parents with AUDs were more likely to have alcohol problems themselves.Erik Lykke ... Read more

Expat Health Insurance News: Exercise after heart attack ‘beneficial’

Expat health insurance customers who have suffered from a heart attack might want to tackle the issue of exercise with their doctor.According to an American review of earlier studies, heart attack patients can sometimes benefit from undertaking physical activity as soon as a week after the incident.However, Ellen Mason, senior cardiac nurse at the British Heart Foundation, noted that it is very important for patients to discuss the matter with their doctor before embarking on an exercise regime after heart problems.International ... Read more
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