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International Healthcare

Overseas Health Insurance News: Vegetarian diet ‘provides health benefits’

Expatriate international health insurance customers may wish to consider the benefits of a vegetarian diet if they wish to improve their overall health.According to Su Taylor, press officer at the Vegetarian Society, people who abstain from meat have lower rates of obesity, diabetes, certain cancers and heart disease than those who eat it.Fewer calories and higher amounts of fibre are generally found in meat-free meals, which can assist individuals to "maintain a healthy weight", she stated.Balanced vegetarian cuisine "closely follows the ... Read more

Worldwide Medical Insurance News: Brain tumours ‘can cause unique challenges’

Expatriate healthcare insurance customers who suffer from a brain tumour may face problems such as epilepsy, one expert has said.Helen Bullbeck, director of cancer charity brainstrust, explained that this is due to "the irritation [a tumour] causes in the brain", adding that cases of late-onset epilepsy are quite commonly a result of this.Further symptoms may include nausea and headaches as well as memory loss caused by seizures, she noted.Patients may find that they have to keep hold of the information healthcare ... Read more

Overseas Health Insurance News: ‘Seek help’ if craving non-foods in pregnancy

Pregnant expatriates with international health insurance may wish to speak to a professional if they start to develop cravings for non-foods.This is according to Sarah Montagu, admin secretary for the Association of Radical Midwives, who said this can be a sign of nutritional deficiency.A craving common among expectant mothers is to consume wall plaster, which can indicate a lack of calcium, she declared.Pregnant woman Emma Veness recently went to her GP to discuss her cravings for furniture polish, as she was ... Read more

Expatriate International Health Insurance news: Cancer risk factor awareness ‘should be greater’

Expatriates with international health insurance should avoid unhealthy lifestyle choices in order to reduce their risk of contracting cancer.This is according to Dr Mark Matfield, scientific coordinator of the Association for International Cancer Research, who said that a lot of people do not know what lifestyle choices are related to the development of tumours.Although most of the population appears to understand excessive sunlight exposure can cause skin cancer and lung cancer is often triggered through smoking, risk factors such as poor ... Read more

Expatriate International Health Insurance News: ‘No real health benefits’ to 8 daily glasses of water

Expatriate international health insurance customers may be some of the people who believe that it is essential for good health to drink at least eight glasses of water a day.However, GP Margaret McCartney commented during a podcast with Duncan Jarvis of the British Medical Journal that this "has been thoroughly debunked at least twice" by the peer review process."There has never been any evidence" that people should consume more water than they would like but "it just seems to be perpetually ... Read more

International Healthcare News: Balanced diet ‘helps prevent joint pain risk’

Expat medical insurance customers should stick to an anti-inflammatory diet in order to avoid joint pain.This is the advice given by nutritionist Fiona Kirk, who explained eating too much meat and processed food "creates an acidic environment", in which it is harder to control inflammation."The more acidic our blood, the more inflammation will exist," she remarked, adding that foods in the so-called nightshade family - which include potatoes and aubergines - can also contribute to joint problems, as suffers who cut ... Read more

International Health Insurance News: Sudden cardiac death ‘is more common than people think’

Expatriates with international health insurance may be interested to know that athletic people are more likely to die of sudden cardiac death than was previously thought.Dr Jonathan Drezner, vice-president of the American Medical Society of Sports Medicine, said in a podcast from the British Journal of Sports Medicine that recent research has shown professionals were underestimating its prevalence.These studies had often utilised media reports to correlate causes of death, but this means they "missed out on almost half the cases", he ... Read more

Expatriate International Health Insurance news: Personalised treatments ‘will be available in the future’

Expatriates with international health insurance and other individuals will be treated with personalised healthcare in the future, according to one expert.Pharmacist Gino Martini, senior director at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Research and Development, claimed that medical professionals are constantly making breakthroughs.New technologies will focus on "giving the right drug to the right patient at the right time", he explained, which will increase the impact of medicine while reducing adverse reactions.However, he noted that the most effective personalised treatments would require a product for ... Read more

Expatriate international health insurance news: Salt ‘increases death risk’

Expatriate international health insurance customers may wish to monitor their intake of salt, following the advice of one expert.Hannah Brinsden, a nutritionist for Consensus Action on Salt and Health, said that minimising the amount of this mineral ingested is good for people "at any age".She claimed that doing so lessens an individual's chances of having a heart attack or a stroke and reduces levels of stomach cancer and osteoporosis.The food industry should be compelled to produce more low-salt products, the expert ... Read more

Expatriate International Health Insurance news: New tool launched to help smokers quit

Expatriate smokers with international health insurance who wish to give up the habit have a new tool to assist them in the challenge.Txt2stop provides encouraging text messages to ex-smokers to encourage them to continue abstaining from nicotine.It has been found to double someone's chance of cessation compared with solitary attempts, claimed Dr Caroline Free of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, who is involved in the programme.She explained that clients are asked to provide a quit date. They will ... Read more
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