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Expatriate Insurance News: Sunglasses ‘prevent cataracts’

Expatriate healthcare insurance policyholders who live in countries with a hot climate may want to follow the advice of one expert and ensure they wear suitable eyewear when out in the sun.Ambassador for Rohto Dry Eye Relief Nick Atkins explained good quality sunglasses are "essential" when spending any length of time in bright sunlight.He said eyewear with a rating of UV400 can help reduce the risk of developing cataracts and other long-term problems.Graham Cox of Ultralase recently advised individuals to undergo ... Read more

International Health Insurance News: Expert promotes bowel cancer screenings

Expatriate healthcare insurance customers may wish to undergo a bowel screening, following advice from one expert.Deborah Gilbert, head of development at Bowel and Cancer Research, said the reluctance for this examination may be due to males having a "fatalistic, tempting fate attitude".Furthermore, it requires "the manual collection of a sample" of the participant's stool, which many individuals deem to be distasteful, she added.The expert declared that the Faecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT) has a compliance rate of around 50 per cent ... Read more

Overseas Health Insurance News: Sleep ‘is essential for wellbeing’

Expatriates with international health insurance may wish to ensure they have an appropriate amount of sleep every night, following comments made by one expert.Social psychologist Dr Sandra Wheatley said "most people intuitively understand" that tired individuals or those who frequently wake up in the night are grumpy.Furthermore, men and women have greater difficulty holding conversations and maintaining lucidity and this can damage their mental and emotional health, she added, noting that this can also harm someone's ability to maintain normal social ... Read more

Worldwide Medical Insurance News: Video games ‘assist in exercise’

Expatriate health insurance policyholders planning to begin a workout regime may benefit from exercise video games, according to one expert.David Stalker, chief executive of the Fitness Industry Association, declared that these products are "likely to expand", which he called a positive trend.He stated that Wii Fit has increased the number of people interested in working out, with entertainment such as this often "the first step".Individuals planning to exercise start with devices such as this and move on to other ways to ... Read more

Expatriate Healthcare News: Whey protein ‘assists weight loss’

Dieting expatriates with international medical insurance may wish to increase their intake of certain foodstuffs to assist them in losing any excess pounds.Dr David Baer, research leader for the US Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service, noted that protein from whey and soy sources produce different effects on ghrelin concentration, which can affect the hunger levels of humans.Furthermore, leucine and other branch chain amino acids could possibly alter a person's metabolism and cause weight loss, the researcher stated.Whey has higher concentrations ... Read more

International Healthcare News: Debt ‘can cause chronic stress’

Expats with international healthcare insurance policies who have been suffering from stress may find debt problems are contributing to their condition.Therapist Dan Roberts explained financial pressures that become unsustainable can place a burden on people and be "really damaging".He explained mortgages and minor overdrafts are not really an issue, but escalating credit card debt "puts a great deal of pressure" on individuals."The thing about debt is it's chronic stress, day in day out - a trickle effect that doesn't really go ... Read more

Expatriate Healthcare News: Creative play ‘improves children’s intelligence’

Parents with expat health insurance may want to follow the advice of one psychologist and allow their children to take part in creative play in order to ensure their kids become academically strong.According to Dr Janine Spencer, offspring who are encouraged to do activities such as finger painting or playing in a sandpit are more likely to grow up with strong problem-solving skills."Without messy, creative play, children don't develop in the same way that children that do these activities do," Dr ... Read more

Overseas Health Insurance News: Babies ‘should be fed home-cooked foods’

Expatriate parents with overseas medical insurance may want to follow the advice of one expert and try to feed infants home-cooked foods containing the same ingredients as the family consumes when weaning their offspring on to solids.According to leading nutritionist Dr Marilyn Glenville, this leads to children who are more likely to consume fruits and vegetables.She explained that the difference in these eating habits may be due to the consistency of baby food found in packets and jars.Research from De Montford ... Read more

International Health Insurance News: People ‘should have cataract checks’

Expatriates with overseas health insurance may wish to consider having their eyes checked for cataracts and have them dealt with early if they occur.This is according to Graham Cox, professional services manager for vision correction specialist Ultralase, who said this condition "eventually affects everyone".It can be caused by surgery for other eye conditions, as well as trauma, diabetes and medicines, particularly steroids, the Royal National Institute of Blind People stated."Replacing the cloudly lens with an artificial one" is the best way ... Read more

Expatriate International Health Insurance News: Lifestyle changes ‘can reduce dementia risk’

Expatriates with worldwide health insurance may wish to consider making lifestyle alterations in order to reduce their risk of developing dementia.Professor June Andrews, director of the Dementia Services Development Centre at the University of Stirling, said even people with Alzheimer's disease can keep the illness "at bay" through healthy habits.Socialising, keeping busy, a good diet and regular exercise can reduce the chances of a person suffering from this illness, she added.Furthermore, keeping to a healthy weight and not smoking are good ... Read more
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