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Expatriate Medical Insurance News: Men ‘must be aware of prostate risks’

Prostate problems should be discovered at an early stage and preventative measures and tests should therefore be taken.This is according to Men's Health Forum president Dr Ian Banks, who said men ought to "keep a check on these things", particularly as they become older.He pointed out enlarged prostates - benign prostatic hyperblastia (BPH) - typically begins coming apparent from late middle age.An overwhelming majority of males over the age of 80 will have enlarged prostates, with the size of this gland ... Read more

Expatriate Healthcare News: Time zone changes ‘can lead to illness in sportsmen’

Athletes who travel across more than five time zones are considerably more likely to fall ill when they compete than those who perform where they live, a study has shown.Research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine suggested the risk of sickness could be between two and three times higher for people who travel a considerable distance before working out.Investigators analysed the daily wellbeing of 259 rugby players who were taking part in the Super 14 Rugby Tournament in 2012, ... Read more

Expatriate Healthcare News: Allergies ‘could protect against brain tumours’

While expatriates with allergies may have to access antihistamines or other treatments through international medical insurance policies, they could be at a lower risk of developing brain tumours than the general public.The investigation, which took place at Ohio State University and was led by associate professor of epidemiology Judith Schwartzbaum, found the protection an allergy causes was more pronounced in women than in men.It found people with blood samples that had allergy-related antibodies in them were almost 50 per cent less ... Read more

Expatriate Medical Insurance News: Sleep problems ‘prevalent in developing world too’

More and more people in developing countries are suffering from sleep problems, new international healthcare research has found.The investigation, which was conducted by Warwick Medical School at the University of Warwick, found 16.6 per cent of people in the poorer nations surveyed are suffering from disturbances to their slumber, which is near to the 20 per cent seen in western countries.This growing problem is linked to higher numbers of people suffering from depression and anxiety in the developing world, the study ... Read more

Overseas Health Insurance News: Cuisine ‘is a major draw to India’

Expatriates relocating abroad to India could be attracted to its culinary culture.According to Partnership Travel director Tim Durham, food is one of the key reasons people go to the country.He advised individuals in the nation to only eat in establishments that seem to be "clean and well maintained and are full of local customers", adding: "Be cautious."However, any food poisoning treatments can be paid for with a comprehensive Read more

Overseas Health Insurance News: Varicose veins ‘a common complaint’

Expatriate medical insurance policyholders ought to keep an eye out for varicose veins.Consultant vascular surgeon and founder Eddie Chaloner explained symptoms of this condition can range from "cosmetic dissatisfaction" seen in mild cases of the ailment, to swelling, soreness and aching of the leg and even to "skin damage at the ankle and eventual venous ulceration".Approximately 30 per cent of the populace will develop this condition at some point in their lifetime, he added.According to the UK's National Health Service, women ... Read more

Expatriate Healthcare News: Insomniacs ‘should try not to worry’

People who suffer from insomnia should try to stop worrying about it, despite the fact that the condition can lead to other ailments that could require treatment through international private medical insurance policies.Social psychologist Dr Sandra Wheatley said being concerned about a lack of slumber "can affect your ability to sleep continuously" and result in a larger number of restless nights.She recommended insomniacs try to look on "the bright side", stating if people make a note of how much sleep they ... Read more

International Healthcare News: Diabetes risk ‘significantly heightened’ by vitamin D deficiency alongside obesity

While people who are obese might be aware they have an elevated chance of having to fund diabetes treatment through international private medical insurance policies, a new study has shown overweight people with a lack of vitamin D have an even greater risk of developing the condition.Research published in the journal Diabetes Care found individuals with both risk factors are more likely to develop insulin resistance than those with just one of the health problems."Vitamin D insufficiency and obesity are individual ... Read more

Overseas Health insurance News: ‘Find right optician’ when getting contact lenses

People paying for contact lenses through international private medical insurance policies should ensure they discover a good optician.Sports vision specialist Gavin Rebello, who tweets at @eye_performance, pointed out everyone's eyes are different."One lens that works well for one person doesn't necessarily work best for another," he continued.The expert advised people to remember they "only have one set of eyes" and said while there are many special offers available in opticians, "you get what you pay for".Finding the right eye care professional ... Read more

Expatriate Healthcare News: Scientists develop autism test for one-year-olds

Expatriates may soon be able to find out if their child is at risk of autism, after international healthcare specialist developed a questionnaire that could indicate if a one-year-old is likely to develop the disorder.Investigations at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine found 31 per cent of the people they identified as having a notable chance of developing autism spectrum disorders (ASD) when they were 12 months old had a confirmed diagnosis by the time they reached the age ... Read more
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