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Expatriate Insurance

Cross-border driving laws introduced in Europe

New cross-border laws are coming into force in Europe, meaning that expatriate drivers will not be able to avoid paying fines for driving offences.The UK, Ireland and Denmark are the only European Union member states that have not signed up to a new treaty to help police driving.It allows authorities to pursue offenders in other countries for offences committed while abroad, through the police and the courts.The system will work by the 25 nations swapping information with each other about drivers, so ... Read more

British expat’s Earth Hour becomes global event

For one hour every year, inhabitants of 7,000 cities across the world turn off their lights in support of environmental issues.Despite becoming a global phenomenon, the initiative had humble beginnings as the brainchild of a British expat living in Australia.Andy Ridley launched the idea from Sydney in 2007 and has since seen it grow into the biggest mass participation in the world.It brings hundreds of millions of people together in a common cause for a brief period of time each year and has ... Read more

Debit card deal popular with expats being closed

The Norwich & Peterborough Building Society is closing a deal that allows expatriates to obtain money from ATMs abroad free of charge.From January 13th, no new customers will be able to sign up for the Gold Light account, although there will still be a number of other options available.Taking up the Gold Start account, which is a direct replacement, may not be the best alternative, as despite having many of the same benefits as the previous deal, this new one does ... Read more

Expatriates happy with health insurance abroad

The majority of expatriate workers currently on the books with major multinational employers are satisfied with the quality of overseas health insurance afforded to them.That is the message gleaned from the latest Expatriate Trends study 2013 from the National Foreign Trade Council (NFTC) which revealed an overwhelmingly positive message about the state of the market and those currently linked to expat insurance.A grand total of 1,511 individual expatriates spread across 140 different countries were canvassed as part of the research, which ... Read more

New law to ban Brits from renting out holiday homes in France and Spain

Thousands of Britons with holiday homes in France and Spain could be prevented from renting out their properties to tourists if new laws come into effect.It could also mean that holidaymakers end up paying more for accommodation as they won't be able to access cheaper rates by going direct to the owners.Expatriates who rent out their homes while they are elsewhere will also be affected if the controversial laws are passed.A crackdown on holiday rentals is expected to begin in Paris, ... Read more

Expat pensioners to require life certificates from next year

An announcement from the Treasury that expatriates will have to prove they are alive every two years in order to claim their pensions has been met with opposition from Brits living abroad.The government has suggested that by preventing friends and family members from being able to claim the payments after a retiree has died will save the taxpayer £45 million over two years.As many expats live in countries that do not share information with the UK, it is up to relatives ... Read more

Expats mourn Nelson Mandela

With Nelson Mandela's body lying in state in South Africa and thousands of the country's citizens lining the streets to see the hearse pass, expatriates across the world also need a way to mark the former president's passing.Mandela touched so many lives and services and books of condolences for South Africans overseas and others wishing to show their respects are being held.Many countries and local communities have started their own books of condolence, with high profile figures being seen signing them.Any ... Read more

Expats should keep records of return trips to the UK

Expatriates no longer living in the UK are being warned to keep meticulous records when it comes to visiting friends and family back home.This is because the Finance Act 2013 has changed the rules surrounding non-residency and the payment of tax.As of April 1st this year, the Statutory Residency Test has come into play, which determines whether expats are eligible to pay UK income, capital gains and inheritance taxes.There has been an increase in the number of challenges to non-residency by HM ... Read more

Expats oppose two-tier utility billing in Malta

A group of expatriates in Malta is lobbying against a two-tier billing system for energy and water that has been implemented by the utility company ARMS.Under the system, expats have to contact the firm, which has reluctantly agreed to accept 'A' ID cards and e-residence cards as evidence, in order to get a lower rate.This is because a different residential rate and domestic rate have been established to offer Maltese people reduced bills, reports the Times of Malta.Despite the victory in getting ... Read more

Expats fear being priced out of British housing market

With house prices expected to increase by as much as a quarter over the coming five years, British expatriates are keen to get onto the housing ladder.Mortgage brokers are reporting more enquiries from Brits abroad than ever before, as this demographic fears being unable to return to the UK due to the forecasted cost of property.Aaron Strutt of Trinity Financial said that leading the charge are professionals living in Hong Kong, Germany, China, Dubai, the USA and Australia, who wish to ... Read more
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