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Expatriate Insurance

Worldwide Medical Insurance News: Designated worry time ‘can reduce anxiety’

Expatriates could cut their likelihood of suffering from stress-related conditions by setting aside a short period of time every day to worry.This is according to chartered psychologist and Abicord chief executive Graham Price, who said 30 minutes every evening could be sufficient."If you find yourself worrying at any other time, defer it to your worry time," he suggested.Then, when this half-hour arrives, a person should see whether or not they can remember all of the things they are concerned about.They could ... Read more

Expatriate Medical Insurance News: Genetic marker for lung cancer found

In the future, expatriates could use international private medical insurance policies to discover their risk of suffering from lung cancer, following a new study that confirmed the existence of a genetic susceptibility to the condition.The research, which was published in the Journal of Thoracic Oncology from the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer, found a number of genes that appear to impact the likelihood of a person developing the ailment.Scientists examined the genetic profile of 716 Japanese patients who ... Read more

Overseas Medical Insurance News: Almost 30% of college athlete injuries ’caused by overuse’

People may find they have to fund treatment using international private medical insurance policies if they engage in long training sessions and repeat the same movement countless times.A new study published in the Journal of Athletic Training, the scientific publication of the US' National Athletic Trainers' Association, revealed these so-called 'overuse injuries' account for nearly 30 per cent of all the harm sustained by athletes in college.Furthermore, females appear to be at a greater risk of suffering this type of damage ... Read more

Expat Health Insurance News: Office workers ‘should consider exercise’

Expatriates that sit still all day in work may wish to engage in exercise to reduce their likelihood of having to pay for illness treatments through international healthcare policies.Charlene Hutsebaut, fitness expert for The De-Stress Diet at de-stressyourlife.com, advised people whose job involves remaining sedentary to "take the stairs whenever possible".Furthermore, joining a gym near the office could also encourage these individuals to engage in physical activity, she stated.Workouts could be scheduled before the working day starts, during lunchtime or straight ... Read more

Worldwide Medical Insurance News: Beaches ‘host infectious diseases’

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Overseas Medical Insurance News: Spain and France ‘have strong property markets’

Expatriate insurance customers might want to relocate abroad to Spain or France.BuyAssociation editor Paul Collins explained people move to the countries due to a number of factors, including the lifestyle, climate and retirement prospects."They are destinations which will always remain strong in the overseas property sector," he declared.This means their international real estate interest is likely to stay relatively healthy, "particularly for lifestyle buyers", the expert declared.Real estate prices will always fluctuate due to economic trends, he remarked, pointing to the ... Read more

Expatriate Insurance News: Iron-chelating drug could disrupt Alzheimer’s

Although people with Alzheimer's disease cannot currently receive any treatments that will definitely change the course of the condition through international medical insurance policies, this may change in the future following a new revelation.The investigation, which was published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease and led by associate professor at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences' Department of Pharmacology, Physiology and Therapeutics Dr Othman Ghribi, indicated reducing the amount of iron in blood plasma could have ... Read more

Expat Health Insurance News: Working out ‘reduces stress’

Expatriates could cut their likelihood of being treated for stress-related conditions with international private medical insurance policies by engaging in regular exercise, statements from a specialist have indicated.Dan Roberts, cognitive therapist at danroberts.com, called working out "one of the best stress-busting approaches there is".He pointed out activities such as cycling, jogging and walking do not cost anything.Previously, the expert had said these tasks are good for the heart and the brain, as they promote the circulation of blood.Scientists have called it ... Read more

Expat Health Insurance News: Most women with cardiac risks ‘do not take daily aspirin’

Females could cut their likelihood of funding heart disease treatments through expat health insurance policies by taking an aspirin every day.However, a peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Women's Health found fewer than half of the ladies who could benefit from taking this drug - particularly those deemed to have an elevated risk of suffering from cardiovascular conditions - consume the medicine daily.Over 200,000 females took part in an online survey that assessed their likelihood of developing heart diseases, but only ... Read more

Expatriate Medical Insurance News: Meditation ‘reduces stress’

Expatriates might be able to cut their likelihood of having to fund treatment for a stress-related condition through international health insurance policies by engaging in meditation, comments from one practitioner have indicated.London Meditation Centre director and co-founder Jillian Lavender called it "one of the most effective ways to release deep-rooted stress" from the human body.It promotes healing by reducing sensations of anxiety and excitement, which helps fatigue and other negative emotions "dissolve smoothly", she declared.When stress is not released, it can ... Read more
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