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Brits better thought of abroad, says travel expert

Brits about to move to their expatriate life will be pleased to hear the perceptions of British people abroad are changing.

Travel firm Expedia researched the opinions of European hoteliers to their British guests and although some hotel owners were less than flattering, the stereotypical views of some Europeans are altering, says Expedia’s head of product marketing Jonathan Cudworth.

A separate but related study by showed that when on holiday a third of us also like to take risks that we would not at home.

The ‘Brits abroad’ stereotype is slowly evolving "so while we still need to work harder to convince some of our closest neighbours, we are moving in the right direction", Mr Cudworth noted.

Surprisingly, the study showed that the nearer to home Brits are, the worse behaved they tend to be, although "they were considered some of the best tourists when heading further afield", he added.

Considering local etiquette and obeying local dos and don’ts were factors used to decide the Expedia 2009 Best Tourist Index and could be useful tips for British expatriates on their way abroad.

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