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British Expats Encouraged To Register for Brexit Referendum

There can be few people who are unaware of the ongoing saga between the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe.

In recent years a growing discontent about Britain’s laws and rules being set by politicians in other countries has led to a growing resentment of “Europe” as a political entity.

In recent months British PM David Cameron has worked hard with many of Europe’s leaders in the hope of negotiating a deal which allows the UK to remain part of the European Union without the EU being able to dictate so much British policy.

The jury is still out as to how successful that campaign has been so far, and quite what Mr. Cameron will regard as a “positive outcome”.

However alongside this campaign, the Conservative Party also pledged at the recent election that they would enable the British public to decide whether or not the UK remained as part of Europe or not. While no date has yet been finalized for the referendum, it seems possible that it will occur this coming summer.

Little wonder Mr Cameron is working his political connections so hard at present with an aim to providing a reasonable alternative to leaving Europe altogether, ready in time for the British public to vote on.

The possibility of the UK leaving the union has gained so many front pages that the idea has been dubbed “Brexit” – a shortened version of a “British exit” from Europe.

Of course it’s all well and good for the general British populace to have their say when the referendum is confirmed. However there is growing concern how few British expats living around the world have registered to make their opinions felt.

A number of possible reasons for this lackadaisical attitude have been proposed. Firstly, some authorities are concerned that expats may not fully understand how a British exit from Europe could affect them and their status while living abroad.

Secondly concerns have been raised that many expats may not know that they need to register in order to be certain that they can vote from afar when the referendum is finally called.

Campaigners are becoming increasingly vocal in advising expats to do their due diligence in order to fully understand the impact of whether Britain stays or goes, and furthermore to register to have their say.

According to sources the vote will be made available to all British citizens, whether currently living in Great Britain or not, so long as they have been abroad for less than 15 years. It is estimated that this represents roughly 2 million expats who have a right to vote this year.

While the Electoral Commission says that registrations to vote have increased recently, the majority of British expats have, as yet, not registered.

Should you be a British expat who would like the opportunity to vote on the forthcoming Brexit issue, you are encouraged to register your interest at using your British Passport as proof of citizenship.

Thereafter you will be posted a paper voting form. As this is two-stage registration process it pays to take action as soon as possible so that you are fully enrolled in readiness for the vote.

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