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Worldwide Expat News - Page 4 of 305

Keep up to date with the latest expat news from around the world.

How Can Expats Soothe Tummy Troubles?

When going abroad stomachache or ‘Delhi belly’ as it’s frequently referred to, can often hit when you least expect it. It happens to the best of us and due to unfamiliar germs, an altered diet and contaminated water it’s sometimes unavoidable. In most cases, it only causes mild illness and symptoms that clear up within a few days but it can still stop you doing things and if you’ve just moved abroad it’s the last thing you want to be struck down ... Read more

10 Top Tips for Newbie Backpackers

There are so many magical places to explore and so many great adventures to have in the great outdoors. Backpacking is sometimes the best way to delve into the wilderness and experience wonderful landscapes. However, if you’re a backpacking newbie it can be quite daunting and there’s a lot to think about and consider. To ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip, here are 10 top tips to help you on your first backpacking exploit.   1.      Don’t dive in at the deep ... Read more

The Ups and Downs of Expat Life in Portugal

Living abroad is an exciting concept and there are so many reasons to consider taking the plunge. Whether you’re moving abroad for a new job, better schooling, to retire, following a loved one or just because you want a new adventure, living in a different country lets you experience it in a totally different way. Yes, you will get all the exciting benefits of living somewhere other than your home country but unlike a holiday you won’t only get the good ... Read more

A guide to lesser known Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean is made up of over 7,000 islands, Jamaica, Barbados and the Bahamas being three of the most popular. There’s no doubt that these destinations are stunning but if you like to explore off the beaten path and visit unique and unusual locations where you don’t have to fight for a spot on the beach, then there are ample Caribbean islands that are yet to become tourist hotspots. Here are just five lesser-known Caribbean islands that are just waiting to overwhelm:   Curacao Curacao ... Read more

Hong Kong is the world’s most expensive city for expats

An increasing amount of people are choosing to move abroad for work, but the destination can dramatically change the cost of living. So, which cities should you avoid if you’re looking for cheap living? New research by Mercer has declared Hong Kong the most expensive city in the world for working expats in 2019, for the second year running. Asia continues to dominate the rankings of the priciest locations for expats with eight of the top 10 most costly cities being in Asian ... Read more

How education differs around the world

Every country has a different approach to education and ideas of the best philosophy for schools and students can vary quite significantly across the globe. The history and culture of a place can play a huge part in what schooling means to them.  Although there are major differences in education around the world there are also similarities, which often show themselves in the shape of the school year and the amount of time that students are expected to attend school for. Here are ... Read more

The World’s 10 Best Cities to Live in 2019

Last year we gave you a rundown of the best cities to live in and this year we’re back to update you on the movements for 2019. According to Mercer’s ‘Quality of Living Ranking’ for 2019 Vienna has topped the chart for the 10th year running. Every year Mercer evaluates a variety of different factors including; recreation, housing, public transport, education, natural environment and more to determine the quality of living in almost 500 cities around the world. This is what the ... Read more

How to Apply for Australian Citizenship

With its high quality of life, unrivalled beaches and strong economy it’s no surprise so many want to move across the pond and luckily for us, Australia welcomes migrants with open arms if they tick all the checkboxes on their list of requirements. If you’re thinking about or in the process of moving to Australia here’s a guide on how to apply for citizenship to help you on your way.   Privileges and responsibilities First things first, citizenship and permanent residence are two different things ... Read more

Estonia ranked number one for ‘digital life abroad’

According to InterNations, the biggest online expatriate community’s brand new Digital Life Abroad Report, Estonia is the best country in the world for expats when it comes to being digital. The survey that has been conducted this year for the first time has established the best and worst countries for living a connected life by measuring a country’s ability to deliver digital needs to the expats that live there. Estonia soared straight to the top above Finland, Norway, Denmark and New Zealand.   Why ... Read more

How British Nationals Can Stay Safe During a Crisis Overseas

If you’re living abroad you should always be prepared for a crisis, it can be more likely to occur in some countries than others but no matter where you are residing you should take precautions so you’re prepared should something happen. You should be particularly alert if you are living somewhere that has a high risk of terrorism or unrest. What is a crisis? A crisis is an uncertain event which has the potential to harm, or inflict serious damage on individuals, communities and ... Read more
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