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5 Amazing Places You Have to Visit in Malta

Nestled between Sicily and the North African coast is the archipelago of Malta. Many people assume Malta is an Italian or Spanish country, but it’s been independent since 1964. Visitors to the country can experience a mix of Latin, Mediterranean and European culture due to its historical legacy and various rulers.

For those itching to jet away, Malta officially opened to tourists in June 2021. 70% of the Maltese population have received their first vaccination, meaning herd immunity has been achieved. This means you can go on holiday to Malta without having to isolate or test. Whilst Malta may never have been on your radar before, it certainly should be now. Below are five reasons why you should consider Malta for your next jaunt overseas!


Whilst it may seem predictable for Malta’s capital of Valetta to be first on our list, it’s for good reason. An Instagrammer’s paradise, coastal Valetta boasts the best of the Mediterranean Ocean and the honey-coloured architecture for those all-important backdrops.

Despite being Europe’s tiniest capital, Valetta has an enduring charm all of its own. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Valetta is steep in history, and it was the European Capital of Culture in 2018. Enjoy the Bastion-top gardens or a boat trip on the Grand Harbour. Take Valetta in on foot and you will be amazed at what you will find as you turn every corner. The capital is also the ideal place to enjoy a meal out and some relaxing drinks as the sun goes down.

Fort Ricasoli, Kalkara

For avid Game of Thrones fans Fort Ricasoli may appear familiar. It was used as a castle in King’s Landing – remember when nobody believed Arya was the daughter of the King’s Hand? Fort Ricasoli featured in that episode.

However, for those of you who are not GoT fans, Fort Ricasoli is undoubtedly worth a visit. Jutting out into the ocean, visitors can appreciate the fort, which was built in 1670, making it over 300 years old. Sadly, visitors can no longer directly tread the historical paths of the fort due to its deterioration over the years. One of the best views, although not up close and personal, is from Wuestenwinds beach. The views of Fort Ricasoli are incredible, especially at sunrise or sunset.


Head south to Marsaxlokk and you won’t be disappointed. A picture-perfect postcard of Mediterranean tranquility, the traditional fishing village is idyllic. Famous for its seaside restaurants and cafes, countless visitors have enjoyed a meal and explored the area. Looking out across the turquoise waters at the technicolour fleet of traditional fishing boats with the freshest seafood in front of you is what holidays are made of.

For a beach day in Marsaxlokk, St Peter’s Pool is incredibly popular so best to get there early. The natural swimming pool is an aqua gem nestled in a horseshoe-shaped rock formation. Not only is it a great place for a swim, but the snorkelling is out of this world too.

The Dingli Cliffs

The highest point in Malta, the Dingli Cliffs are one of the best places to enjoy a Maltese sunset as a tourist. Many visitors hike to the cliffs via various coastal paths but this isn’t the faint hearted – some paths offer a 300 metre drop into the sea if you aren’t careful.

Many visitors claim the Dingli Cliffs sunset to be an unforgettable experience and there has been a number of proposals at this popular Maltese attraction over the years. This is made all the more romantic and poignant due to the St Mary Magdalene Chapel that sits atop the cliff formation and silhouettes against the setting sun.


No roundup of Malta’s best attractions would be complete without mentioning the island of Cimon and its Blue Lagoon. Located in the channel that separates Malta from the island of Gozo, Comino and its beaches are extraordinary. You can visit Comino for the day, utilising one of the ferries that dip between mainland Malta and the island. There are also boat tours that leave both Malta and Gozo so tourists can enjoy the day on the beautiful Island.

Whether you’re heading to Malta or further afield, always remember to protect yourself with comprehensive travel insurance. Why task a risk when you can be protected when overseas?


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