Expatriate Insurance News: Breast cancer death risk 'rises with age'

08/02/12 13:23

Expat insurance customers and other individuals with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer have an increased risk of death as they become older.

A study published in JAMA and led by Willemien van de Water of the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands revealed that as well as classic prognosis factors linked to tumours, other patient characteristics could impact the outcome of people suffering from this condition.

Individuals with the ailment revealed post-menopausal women younger than 65 and suffering from breast cancer have a 5.7 per cent chance of dying due to the illness, but this rose to 6.3 per cent between the ages of 65 and 74 and was 8.3 per cent for those older than 75.

Investigators speculated older women could receive under-treatment in areas such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy when diagnosed with breast cancer.

"These data underline the need for age-specific breast cancer studies in order to improve breast cancer outcome in patients of all ages," the researchers remarked.

Generally, the first symptom people with the illness discover is thickened tissue or lumps within their breasts.

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