Expatriate Health Insurance news: Diet 'can help to prevent dementia'

04/07/11 17:01

Expatriate health insurance customers may wish to eat a healthy Mediterranean diet, after an expert claimed this can reduce the chances of a person developing dementia.

As foods from this region contain a high number of antioxidants, it is believed they can assist people in maintaining their cognitive abilities in later life, noted Hannah Clack, media manager at the Alzheimer's Society.

Researchers hope to utilise antioxidants to fight the progression of Alzheimer's, with the University of Dundee using sulforaphane, a chemical located in rocket and broccoli, to examine how the body's defences can be stimulated.

Obesity, however, can result in the risk of developing this illness doubling, whereas diet can result in the chances of it happening declining by a third, Ms Clack stated.

This must be combined with a lifestyle that includes abstinence from smoking, regular exercise and occasional monitoring of blood pressure and cholesterol levels, she continued.

All of these are "things that can really help make sure that you are doing everything you can to hopefully avoid dementia", the expert concluded.

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